$1 Million + Estimated Cost for Traffic Signals at Kahakai and Ainaloa

I just noticed from this Highway Audit Final Report that $600,000 is the estimated cost for a traffic signal at Ainaloa and H-130 Intersection, and $450,000 is the estimated cost for a traffic signal at Kahakai Blvd and H-130.  (Appendix D-2).

These are just listed as potential remedies for some of the interesections that have been exhibiting the most severe needs.

Can We Get a Yield Sign Please… Kahakai Onto H-130?

Can anyone tell me why their is a “Merge” sign on this “on ramp” to a major state Highway (130) instead of a “Yield” sign?


You have a lot of cars traveling into town and then a lot of people who are basically crossing over the Highway from Kahakai to get to the Pahoa Shopping Center…


From my understanding of what will be possibly happening… is that the  Kahakai intersection will be going through some major changes in the next little while… but it wouldn’t take that much time, effort or money to install a damn Yield sign now as a quick fix project.