Olympic Wrestler Jeffery Cobb Assists with the Pahoa Wrestling Clinic & Take Down Event

Today was the first day of  two days at the Pahoa Wrestling Clinic & Take Down Event sponsored by the the Hawai’i County Community Policing, Pahoa High and Intermediate School, Hawai’i County Prosecutor’s Office, Hawaii County Parks and Recreation, and Pahoa Weed and Seed Projects Youth Empowerment Services.

2004 Olympic Wrestler Jeffrey Cobb came to the island to lead today’s training.

2004 Olympic Wrestler Jeff Cobb talks about taking down opponents

Today’s was day one of the a two day clinic that featured wrestlers from all over the Big Island of Hawaii for the first half of the day.

Olympic Wrestler Jeffrey Cobb talks to the students

It was great to see both girls and guys at this event!

Girls participate in the Pahoa Take Down Tournament as Well

I really enjoyed seeing so many different athletes from so many different schools coming together for this event!

Group "Props"

Today was a clinic from 9:30 till about 1:30… and then they had a short presentation on Health & Wellenss as well as Family Education on Drug Prevention.

You are what you eat

I was a wrestler myself back in the days and even during college when I was living in the dorms at UH Hilo… I served as an assistant at Waiakea for a year.  Wrestling has always been in my blood and I was stoked to see Olympic Wrestler Jeffrey Cobb… Was also addicted to social media… LOL… (Caught you)

Even the best find it hard to get away from social media at times as former Olympic Wrestler Cobb pecks away at his phone.