Pahoa Pool Re-Opening Pushed Back

The re-opening of the Pahoa Pool and Aquatics Center has been pushed back.  The original completion date was set to be tomorrow, July 16th.

Pahoa Pool OpeningI went by the site on Friday to see if I could sign my son up for the swim lessons that were supposed to start this week.  It obviously didn’t look like it was going to be completed soon.

I emailed County of Hawaii Department of Parks and Recreation Public Officer Jason Armstrong and his reply was that it was going to be hopefully opened towards the end of July:

Hi Damon,

We anticipate reopening the Pahoa Pool by the end of July 2013. There likely will be a ceremony, which I’ll inform you of if one is held, but that has not yet been scheduled.

We’re also waiting for the construction to be finished before signing kids up for swim lessons.

Thanks for your continued patience while we work to improve this important recreational facility!

Jason Armstrong,

Public Information Officer, Department of Parks & Recreation, County of Hawai’i


Pahoa Community Pool Work Progress on Schedule – Warm Water Still On the Way

A lot of folks have been asking me when the Pahoa community pool will re-open.

Pahoa Pool

I sent an email inquiry to Department of Parks & Recreation, Public Information Officer Jason Armstrong asking him the following questions and this morning I got the following response:

What is the progress with the Pahoa Pool?

Work is progressing according to schedule.

When will it officially open?

Work is scheduled to be finished by July 15, 2013, with an expected opening date of July 16, 2013.

What are all the improvements being done to it?

Work calls for expanding the pool’s equipment building; reconfiguring the pool’s pumps, circulation piping, and filtration system; and addressing leaks. Improved water quality, lower operational costs and the ability to prevent or mitigate pool closures following an electrical outage will be among the significant public benefits. Additional work will include installing roof-mounted solar heating panels to help warm the pool water, a new variable frequency drive to manage the pump motors more efficiently, and performing various repairs and safety upgrades to the facility.

What is the total cost for this project?

$1.5 million

I’ve been driving by the pool on almost a daily basis and I don’t see much activity going on at all.

Workers are at the site and are making progress.

“Armstronged” at Jack in the Box by a Tribune Reporter

So I went to Jack in the Box today to have what I thought would be a short bite to eat on my lunch break today and as I was eating, some guy walks up to me and says “Are you Damon Tucker… I read your blog… I’m Jason Armstrong“.

At first I didn’t think anything of it as people often ask me about my blog and tell me they read it but then the name clicked… it was Jason Armstrong from the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I felt a bit honored that he recognized me as I had never met him before and certainly never seen a picture of him before.  I do remember that he interviewed me last year on the phone for the Hawaii Tribune Article when Noelani Whittington of the Department of Public Works tried to blackball bloggers.

Any rate, Jason and I had a pretty friendly conversation however, he started right off the bat telling me that he would take my “Bet” that I had made about the Hawaii Tribune being in business for a long time.

I told him 8 years… and he went off on this long list as to why he thinks the Tribune will be around for much longer then what I predict.

I don’t blame him for wanting to stick up for his livelihood.  It is sad that the Star-Bulletin may not survive…

Mr. Armstrong, thanks for introducing yourself to me… but I still say the Hawaii Tribune is dead in 8 years.

You game?  I’ll put a $100.00 on this bet right here and now.