Council Members Comments on Zero Waste Plan for Big Island… Administering and Funding Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Update

On February 3rd, the Council Representatives listened to probably the same thing I listened to at the Pahoa meeting for public input on the Counties Zero Waste plan.

This is what three of the Council members commented on the plan according to the minutes of the meeting:

Pete Hoffman – doesn’t want two plans (Zero Waste and Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan). If conflict, he thought County should follow ISWMP.
Brenda Ford – how will the two plans be integrated? Mike explained that he met with consultants for both plans for 3 hours today. Some options are already in both plans and some are not. We’ll work through how best exactly to reconcile and come up with an implementation plan supported by SWAC, public and Council.
Pete Hoffmann – supports the zw philosophy but doesn’t want two plans. Also, he’s not in favor of experimental alternative technologies. Is trucking waste from East to West Hawaii still on the table? *Dan said yes, which will no doubt be opposed by many stakeholders.

Dan elaborated a bit on how the remaining chapters of the plan would come together and how the details of integrating the zw and ISWMP efforts would take place.

You can view the Counties Updated (Feb 2-3, 2009) Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Here