Hank Terlaje Named Hawaii Resident Behind the Controversial GSA Video

Here is the controversial GSA video featuring Hawaii Government Employee Hank Terlaje.

His name was just recently released… I wonder how long he will be a government employee?


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Video featuring Federal Employees jokes about never being under Inspector General Investigation, Lavish GSA Spending

The video clips below are from the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) October 2010 Western Region Conference in Las Vegas, NV. It was played on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at the “Capstone Dinner Event.”

“Obama better prepare, when I’m Commissioner.
I’d have a road show like [Acting Regional GSA Administrator for Region Jeffrey] Neely, every time you see me rolling on 20s yeah, in my GOV.
Spend BA 61 on all fun.
ATF can’t touch GS-15 guns!
Cause I buy everything your field office can’t afford.
Every GS-5 would get a top hat award.
Donate my vacation, love to the nation,
I’ll never be under OIG investigation.”

A quick view of his Facebook profile gave me the following picture of his profile picture and states that he went to a High School outside of Hawaii.

Screen shot of Hank Terlage's Facebook page.