My Thoughts on The UH Hilo Media Symposium

Last Saturday the University of Hawaii Hilo Student Paper, Ke Kalahea, along with numerous community organizations sponsored a Media Symposium that was held in a few rooms of  the University of Hawaii Hilo’s Campus Center.

The UH Hilo Media Symposium was well attended

I have to give credit to the Ke Kalahea Advisor and Big Island Chronicle founder Tiffany Edwards-Hunt for her hard work in putting this together.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt and Jay Hartwell

Tiffany Edwards Hunt and Jay Hartwell go over the AP Quiz that we all learned seems to be changing each and every year

I guess I have to write good things about the symposium since my fee to it was waived because I was going to write a blog post about the symposium.  How ironic is that… considering I get so much grief given to me at times for taking freebies? Now I get a freebie to a “Media Forum” because I’m going to blog about it later… the irony of that, makes me laugh a bit.

Campus Center Room 301

Campus Center Room 301 was where much of the symposium took place

I arrived as the Introduction to Blogging/New Media Journalism Panel was beginning, a panel that I had been asked to speak on but declined for my own reasons.  Ian Lind, John Temple (Civil Beat) and Andy Parx were talking about the use of blogs and how blogging has changed the way folks receive information.

Ian Lind, Andy Parx and John Temple talk about Blogging and New Media Journalism

Ian Lind, Andy Parx and John Temple talk about Blogging and New Media Journalism

I’m still a bit confused about the following statement that Andy Parx made on his post following the symposium:

…The “Old Media versus New Media” panel contained the mucky-mucks of Hawai`i journalism… and Andy Parx- who almost didn’t get to go because one of the sponsors said with an upturned nose “he’s just a blogger…”

I’m not going to worry about that too much, although it does show in a sense that us bloggers are still disrespected as viable sources for information.

Old Media versus New Media Panel

Old Media versus New Media Panel (left to right) Ian Lind, Baron Sekiya, Andy Parx, Hugh Clark, Moderator Kathy Frankovic, Nancy Cook Lauer (hidden), John Temple, Brenda Salgado and Steve Petranik

There were numerous topics discussed throughout the day from the Sunshine Law, to Ethics in Journalism, to Current Trends  which my favorite quote of the day was when West Hawaii Today Journalist and All Hawaii News publisher Nancy Cook Lauer stated that she gets most of her news from twitter.

Dr. Rick Castberg discusses citizens rights and responsibilities

Dr. Rick Castberg discusses citizens rights and responsibilities

The Citizens Rights and Responsibilities class lead by UH Professor Dr. Rick Castberg got me emotionally involved due to the topic matter as Dr. Castberg spent a good time discussing my legal case which I didn’t know he was going to do until right before the class .

One of the last subjects covered during the day was “Fair use in the age of new media” moderated by Stephanie Salazar.

Fair use in the age of new media

Fair use in the age of new media with (left to right) Baron Sekiya, Steve Strauss Dr. Rick Castberg and Senator Les Ihara moderated by Stephanie Salazar

Here are some of the other posts that were generated from the symposium:

Tiffany has already mentioned possibly having another one next year that I already have a bunch of ideas tossing around in my head that I’ll be passing onto her if she does have another symposium next year… one of them being to spread it out over two days as there is just so much information to be taken in and one day is hardly enough time for everything.

*I will eventually find out who that sponsor was that didn’t want Andy Parx to attend because he was a blogger!

Disappeared News on the Zipline Post Threat

I wanted to thank another blogger that I noticed has posted his thoughts on the recent news that I may be sued by a Texas attorney for my thoughts about the Umauma Ziplines and KapohoKine going separate ways.

Larry Geller of Disappeared News posted a blog entitled “Hawaii should regulate potentially hazardous recreational activities like ziplines” where he expands on Ian Linds thoughts and goes even further by saying:

…Anything that could be called a “death slide” would, you’d think, be inspected regularly by some government body. Apparently not…

Geller concludes:

…Damon and Ian have provided a public service by posting information on their findings. At least those who Google for information on ziplines in Hawaii will possibly hit one of the articles. But for those who don’t Google, some official procedures and protocols need to be put in place to protect the unsuspecting public from the effects of “allegedly substandard and rusting” facilities anywhere in Hawaii.

A Three Minute Census by Ian Lind

I love it!

As many of you know I’m a Supervisor for the Census.  I’m glad Oahu blogger Ian Lind is doing his part for the 2010 Census.

Many may know that he is a cat lover… here you will see just how much of a cat lover he really is!


Local Blogs, Politicians, Ads and What’s on MY MIND

I recently got home after a week on Oahu and have had a few days to think about a post that Oahu blogger Ian Lind posted “Responding to thorny questions about blogging and bias

It seems some folks doubt the sincerity of Ian’s blog and the position he writes about at times.

What the heck people… It’s his damn blog and he should be able to do whatever he wants with it.

Some folks may remember that Hunter Bishop had ads on his website for both Angel Pilago and Billy Kenoi during the election season.  If my memory serves me correct, he charged each of them $30.00 per month for those ads.

How is a measly $30.00 a month from any local politician going to influence any real blogger?

Ian is hearing comments like this:

Honestly, I think that since you work on the inside you shouldn’t blog period. If I were an elected official, I would a) never hire you or your relatives b) Never respond to any question you posed. How do we know if the person who’s signing your checks does something unethical you’re not looking the other way? How do we know your questions aren’t being written by your employer in a biased way?
I say stop working at the leg and blog full time. And then you can advertise all you want…

Geez… I can’t understand some folks venom at time? Ian has been an investigative journalist long before blogging ever came about. If Ian’s blog bothers you so much… don’t read it!

I previously mentioned that I won’t accept any political ads on my blog this year only because I don’t think it’s worth the money and people thinking I endorse one candidate or another simply because I have an ad on my blog.

I was earlier questioned by former councilman Bob Jacobson as to why I had Dr. James Weatherford’s blog posted on my site… but I did clarify that simply wasn’t true.

Why do people get so huffy puffy about things we write on our blogs? It’s just our own personal opinion of things.

Accusing bloggers who work for the government in one capacity or another of having biases because of their jobs is crazy. People in Hawaii need to wake up at times and realize that government workers across America are blogging… sorry it’s taken so long for folks to get a grip here in Hawaii.

Just to remind folks… I was the one that broke the story on the Kenoi smear… not Hunter… Although he compiled the facts… (that should say something as I was a supporter of Pilago)  Why would I as a blogger point out that Kenoi was getting smeared when I supported Pilago?

I try and be as neutral as I can on things at time when I see something bogus.


Feline Friday

feline friday
Hawaii’s best blogger Ian Lind dedicates Fridays to random pictures of his cats. He calls them “Feline Fridays

feline friday 004

I just stepped outside of my house… and there was a cute little kitten.

feline friday

So I snapped these pictures of it before it ran off.

feline friday

The last time I counted, Ian had at least 6-7 cats!

Lind Collection Features Photos From Duke Kahanamoku Funeral

I’m not sure when Ian Lind posted his latest album on his website of the Duke Kahanamoku funeral, however, it does give a glimpse of what a REALLY BIG ocean  “Ash Scattering” looks like.

The last time I attended a scattering of ashes at Waikiki, was about 4-5 years ago when my wifes uncle Zulu’s ashes were scattered off Waikiki.

Here is just one picture from Dukes Funeral featured on Lind’s Site:

Crowd Gathers to Scatter Duke Kahanamoku's Ashes

Crowd Gathers to Scatter Duke Kahanamoku's Ashes