Honolulu County Civil Defense Joins the Twitter Ohana

A few weeks ago I blogged how Hawaii County residents were not adequately warned when Waikoloa Flooded.

I got a response from the County to a question I wrote them here.

I asked about Twitter being used by Hawaii County Civil Defense and received this response:

4. Hawaii County Has A Civil Defense Twitter site… why is it not being used?

Civil Defense is unaware of that account. As I discovered now that I just signed on for my own account, apparently anyone could have set up the CD account. However City Watch is more efficient in reaching large numbers of people, many of whom do not have Twitter accounts. Almost everybody has a telephone. At some point it may behoove us to use Twitter as part of emergency notification procedures but at the current time we do not because of the alternatives available. Thanks for your interest.

Well just earlier today, Honolulu County Civil Defense it appears to have signed onto Twitter.

I can’t verify the link just yet, but I have no reason to believe it’s not the Honolulu Civil Defense.

You can check out their twitter site here:  http://twitter.com/HonAlert

I did notice that Hawaii County Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop signed up for a Twitter account and actually has a few followers already… I wonder why he hasn’t even at least posted something on there?

I’ve always said that Big Island is at least 5-10 years behind Oahu.  There is no reason why this needs to be this way when it comes to Emergency Services that could be provided at very little cost to us taxpayers.

What happens if you’re at the beach or away from your house with this “Phone Call System” that only 2600 people have actually SIGNED up for that the County might be forking over $40,000 per year in three years?  (Reminder… the other numbers that were used in the statistics were drawn from the White Pages in the Phone Book… HOW many of you have your cell number listed in the White Pages…. that’s what I thought!)

AND I STILL Haven’t gotten a response to the replies to the answers!  Guess I’ll have to send off another letter when I get a chance.