Entire Town of Honoka’a Shows up For World Premier of “Honoka’a Boy”

BIVN has footage of the the entire town of Honoka’a in one place, as the premier of “Honoka’a Boy” took place this weekend.  You can see clips of this event on his blog here.

Here is the actual trailer to the flick:


Honokaa Boy – The Film Trailer


The film is “loosely based” on the book by Leo Yoshida…
Here’s the story: In 1999 a young Yoshida visits Honokaa and falls in love with the town. He meets Dr. Kinney who owns the Honoka’a People’s Theater and asks if he could train to become the projectionist. The doctor welcomed the idea. While working at the theater, Leo befriends a seamstress named Beatrice Okamoto and the pair become very close. Almost nightly she cooks dinner for him and they would talk about Japan, Hawaii and life in general. This is a very special period in their lives.
Leo returns to Tokyo and writes a book called Honakaa Boy that becomes a hit because it’s a true story about a little town in Hawaii that talk about real people…
Producers are Gary Basson (L.A.) and Keishi Kuroki (Japan). Three well known Japanese actors are expected to play the lead roles. The real Leo Yoshida will have a cameo role…Local Hawaiian casting is by Laurie Foi on Oahu and Laura Bollinger of the Big Island. This is director Atsushi Sanada’s first feature film.
Honokaa Boy, which is scheduled for a spring release in Japan, will mostly be in the Japanese language. No international release is scheduled. The production company is Robot Communications (Japan) and Twin Planet Films (U.S.)

Hat tip to Tim Ryan