Big Island Internet Society Has Its First Anniversary

Well today we had the one year anniversary of the Big Island Internet Society. It was great to see so many familiar faces as well as meet those that came for the first time.

Sure Save and Wiki Wiki Mart owner Carl Okuyama spoke about how Sure Save has used search engines over the last 14 years to help bring his company up in search ranks.

Devany Vickery-Davidson and Carl Okayuma talk about "Starts at Home"

Carl also talked to us about his new program that he has started up called Starts At Home which is a program geared towards parents and really helping them develop full relationships with their children.

Lots of new faces in the crowd

There were about 15 – 20 folks that all had different interests in the internet but the one thing we all had a common interest in was the delicious food brought by everyone!

I’d like to thank The Hilo Burger Joint for hooking us up with this pan of steak and sauteed mushrooms!

Mahalo to the Hilo Burger Joint for this pan of Pupu's!

Big Island Meet and Greet with Lt. Governor Candidate Gary Hooser

I noticed that Lt. Governor candidate Gary Hooser is having a “meet and greet talk story session” on the Big Island coming up.

Saturday he will be at the Hilo’s Farmers Market for a bit of time.  Then he will move on to The Hilo Burger Joint to have a great burger (yeah, yeah… they’re a sponsor) and talk story with other folks.

The word on the “streets” is that he will be at the Hilo Burger Joint at 1:30!

He is also meeting and greeting with at a few other sites, however, the Hilo Burger Joint one is the one that caught my interest.

Grass Fed Beef at the Hilo Burger Joint

I had an excellent opportunity today to meet the owner of Hilo Burger Joint and I’m stoked to bring them on as a sponsor of this blog.

Anyone that knows me… knows I love a good burger.  To have the best Hilo Burger Joint sponsoring my blog is an honor!

I actually turned down 60% of their offer just because I think this place is that great… and they also serve Hawaii Nui Brew’s Mehana Beer!

You can locate the Hilo Burger Joint at 776 Kilauea Ave. next to Big Island Pizza and across from Cruisin’  Coffee.


Hilo Burger Joint Giving Away “Free Fuel”

I just noticed the following on the Hilo Burger Joint Facebook page:

FREE FUEL!!!! Would some one please like to take my trans free used fryer oil. Can be converted to bio diesel.  Need regular pick up. Call the joint and its yours. (935-8880)

They are located in Hilo at 776 Kilauea Avenue: