Hawaiian Blind Snake?

Is this a Hawaiian Blind Snake?

Or just another trippy worm?


Wordless Wednesday – A Weird Worm or a Hawaiian Blind Snake?

I just saw this weird looking worm crawling around.  I wonder if this is actually one of those Hawaiian blind snakes?


I Found a Hawaiian “Blind” Snake!

Check out this Ramphotyphlops Braminus otherwise known as the Hawaiian Blind Snake that I just found in my backyard in Pahoa.


I previously mentioned how I’d never seen one in person… Well I can take that off my list… The one I saw today was much smaller and not as fast as this one.

Video: Hawaiian Blind Snake Found the Other Day

I just noticed this video uploaded to youtube today.

I’ve heard about the Hawaiian Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus), but I’ve never seen one.