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Demo Day – New Business Showcase at Imiloa Astronomy Center

Support Hawaii Island’s Startup Community

Join us on Saturday, May 10th at 1:00pm in the Moanahoku Hall of the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center for the first ever Hawaii Island Demo Day event.

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About the Event

The 2014 Demo Day New Business Showcase highlights some of Hawaii Island’s newest and most innovative companies. Meet the founders and learn about Hawaii Island’s growing community of Entrepreneurs. The event will begin at 1:00pm with a brief meet and greet followed by opening remarks. Hear from community thought leaders on our island’s economic development and the role new business development plays. Afterwards, our entrepreneurs will take the stage and present their businesses. We’ll wrap up the afternoon with snacks and socialization.

The Hawaii Tech Exchange, HITX, promotes the economic development of Hawaii Island through educational workshops and events to foster entrepreneurship. It brings together talented individuals and innovative businesses in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) community. HITX operates a membership directory for area businesses, students, entrepreneurs and individuals. It also hosts related special interest group meetings on topics such as software, design, writing, robotics, game development, app development and astronomy.

Hawaii TechWorks assists in the development of Hawaii-based high growth and high impact businesses. It helps entrepreneurs convert great ideas into successful businesses. Hawaii TechWorks operates a co-working space and hosts a monthly tech meeting that supports entrepreneurs in Hilo and the surrounding community. It helps companies succeed by providing technical assistance, business infrastructure and networking opportunities. Hawaii TechWorks is focused on fostering the emergence of a next generation of leaders, in facilitating the development of strong community ties through informal networking and relationship-building, in new job opportunities for local residents, and in community-based economic development.

Our Sponsors

HTDC High Technology Development Corporation
HI Growth InitiativeHigh Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is a state agency established by the Hawaii State Legislature in 1983 to facilitate the development and growth of Hawaii’s commercial high technology industry. The State views high technology as an important driver in the diversification of Hawaii’s economy and one that provides quality, high-paying jobs for Hawaii residents.


The HI Growth Initiative is a State investment program focused on building an innovation ecosystem that supports entrepreneurial high growth businesses and creates high wage jobs for our people. The HI Growth Initiative provides $20 million of investment capital that will focus on the critical building blocks of an innovation ecosystem: entrepreneur development, research commercialization and the mobilization of startup investment capital.

Our Host

Nalukai Foundation

Nalukai Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 to support entrepreneurs and innovation in Hawaii. It provides mentoring services to entrepreneurs, helps connect founders and investors, and organizes community events. Nalukai’s mentors have years of experience advising startup founders and have mentored in some of the top accelerators in the country.

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Attend Be part of a growing community and learn about new businesses on Hawaii Island and the rest of the state. Register for Demo Day today.

Participate Gain recognition for your new business. Meet potential partners, supporters and investors. Demo Day is open to qualified Hawaii businesses. If you would like to present your business, please contact us at: demo@hitx.co

Sponsor Help our local economy grow by supporting events like this. We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in sponsoring this or other events, please contact us at: sponsors@hitx.co

Announcing #TechTuesday – Hawaii TechWorks’ Monthly Meetup!

How #TechTuesdays by Hawaii TechWorks Began

On the Big Island, Cody Anderson grew up in Kea’au and Tony Marzi grew up in Pahoa. As kids, they both played on the same soccer team in Kea’au. Years later, after both had spent time away in school and on the Mainland, both returned home to the Big Island, where they reconnected in Hilo, Marzi as the founder of Hawaii TechWorks and Anderson as the owner of Bolo Graphics. Although their interests vary widely, they quickly discovered a shared mission: to bring together the creative and technical community of Big Island. With that shared vision, and with the help of dedicated Hawaii TechWorks staff and volunteers, including Charles Huston, Kent Olsen, and Anoka Jung, they started co-hosting #TechTuesday events in Hilo for programmers, creatives, designers, students, engineers, and anyone they knew to be interested in and invested in science, technology, entrepreneurship, education, and their local community. Since the launch of #TechTuesdays by Hawaii TechWorks, a cohesive membership has formed, new young leaders in the community and in tech have emerged, and #TechTuesday #ProjectGroups have taken shape, all with the shared mission of community economic and educational development.

A beautiful day for an outdoor crowd at #TechTuesday by #HawaiiTechWorks

A beautiful day for an outdoor crowd at #TechTuesday by #HawaiiTechWorks

#TechTuesdays by Hawaii TechWorks

In April of 2013, we hosted our first pau hana, potluck-style #TechTuesday event. We invited friends and colleagues interested in learning, connecting, and utilizing technology in new and interesting ways, and opened up the floor for discussions and networking. Co-hosts Tony Marzi and Cody Anderson shared their vision with the group, and modestly delivered the #TechTuesday concept as a mind-map that they drew on the whiteboard -activities, projects, and events -all in a form to build new friendships and professional collaborations, and to jump-start new tech and small business projects.

In May, our second #TechTuesday event was held at the Pacific Aquaculture Coastal Resources Center (#PACRC). There we hosted a 3D printing presentation and demonstration by Ted Stretham and Gerard Kruisheer.. Also on the agenda, Don Kosak shared his recent experience at the Bay Area Maker Faire, which was attended by well over 80,000 people, and Kent Olsen shared his new role with TEDTalks as marketing director for TEDxHilo.

Our third #TT event was held at the University of Hawaii at Hilo Old Army Reserve Building, in association with the Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES). We had an excellent presentation from PISCES Director Christian Andersen, who shared the projects PISCES has been working on in Aerospace Technology, as well as Mike Purvis and Ryder Donahue (Team Poliahu, University of Hawaii at Hilo), who shared with us the Help Me Help app that made them the 2013 Microsoft Dream Cup U.S. Champions.

We have had individuals across the education, business, and tech spectrum join us in helping to establish #TechTuesday as a monthly meetup in Hilo -enabling Hawaii TechWorks to provide a highly anticipated, new and interesting forum for tech collaboration and opportunity in our community. From high school and college students, design and software engineers, university staff, and local business members, all have been and are deeply engaged, and our first #ProjectGroup, which is being spearheaded by Vahid Ajimine, has already launched. Our next #TechTuesday meetup, for July, is coming up, as well as other, much-anticipated events.

The Future of #TechTuesdays by Hawaii TechWorks

Anderson and Marzi, with the assistance of Hawaii TechWorks volunteers and support staff, plan to continue co-hosting #TechTuesday meetups each month. In the pipeline, along with the formation of #TechTuesday #ProjectGroups, are #CodeJam and #GameJam events that should prove to be both fun and productive. The level of engagement and commitment with #TechTuesdays from our membership is high, and we look forward to continuing to meet our community economic development and STEM education mission with our members as partners. With each #TechTuesday meetup and #ProjectGroup activity, Hawaii TechWorks is fostering and nurturing the crucial exchange of ideas that will lead to new tech, small businesses, and opportunity for everyone in our community.

About Hawaii TechWorks

Hawaii TechWorks is a non-governmental, social enterprise organization working in East Hawaii and surrounding communities. Hawaii TechWorks’ mission, as established by founder Tony Marzi, is to approach the existing and systemic issues we face today with 21st century tools and solutions. The goals of Hawaii TechWorks are: to assist in the development of community-based high growth and high impact businesses; to help entrepreneurs convert great ideas into successful businesses; and, to help companies succeed by providing the technical assistance, business infrastructure, and networking opportunities that will increase their chances of successes. We are focused on fostering the emergence of a next generation of leaders, in facilitating the development of strong community ties through informal networking and relationship-building, in new job opportunities for local residents, and in community-based economic development.

For more information or to become a #TechTuesday by Hawaii TechWorks presenter, please contact us at community@HawaiiTechWorks.org.

To view our #TechTuesdays photo album, please click here:#TechTuesdays by Hawaii TechWorks

Hawaii TechWorks to Host EasyBotics’ Robotics Workshop

EasyBotics is hosting an electronics workshop in association with Hawaii TechWorks. Participants will be assembling basic circuits using the Letry Robotics kit, which participants will be able to take home. If you like to build things or enjoy tinkering with electronics, this hands-on robotics workshop promises to be a great deal of fun!


The workshop will be held on Friday, 19 July 2013, from 10a.m. to 3p.m., at the Hawaii TechWorks’ Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council (HCEOC) location, which is directly across from Rainbow Falls at 47 Rainbow Drive, Hilo, Hawaii 96720.

For more information or to register, please visit http://www.EasyBotics.com/workshop. You may also call EasyBotics at (808) 238-4338 or email at info@EasyBotics.com if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer with EasyBotics.


Hilo Viking Robotics Partners with Hawaii TechWorks

East Hawaii (EHCDC) is pleased to support Hilo High School’s Robotics Club

The East Hawaii Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce that Hilo Viking Robotics (HVR) and Hawaii TechWorks have partnered to support the technical and career education of students and community members in the areas of robotics, science, technology, entrepreneurship, and related activities.

Hilo Vikings Robotics

Both HVR and Hawaii TechWorks recognize the profound need to strengthen these areas within our community and foresee powerful alignments given the similarity of vision between our organizations. To further our community development-focused goals, Matthew Pearring, President of HVR, has joined our Senior Advisory Board, which may be viewed here: http://easthawaii.org/who-we-are/.

About East Hawaii (EHCDC)

The East Hawaii Community Development Corporation (http://easthawaii.org), 501(c)(3), established by organization Chair and President Ernest Matsumura and headed by Executive Director Anthony Marzi, is a non-governmental, social enterprise organization working in East Hawaii and surrounding communities. The goals of East Hawaii (EHCDC) are to: coordinate with, as well as develop and expand upon, existing economic development activities through strategic project planning and outreach to build a vibrant community with quality economic activity; provide training and mentoring, as well as an expanded professional community, so a next generation of leaders can emerge; and, facilitate the development of strong community ties through informal networking and relationship-building, new job opportunities for local residents, and spurred community economic development. Hawaii TechWorks and Hawaii Food Hub are EHCDC programs that serve these goals.

About Hawaii TechWorks

Hawaii TechWorks is an open-access community workspace for enabling invention and innovation by providing the learning communities, the general public, and business communities of Hawaii Island access to computer design software, high-technology industrial design and fabrication equipment, mentoring and training services, and the business infrastructure needed to support entrepreneurial development in the community.

Hilo Viking Robotics 2

About Hilo Viking Robotics

Hilo Viking Robotics (http://www.hilovikingrobotics.com/) is a club at Hilo High School dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fields of science, engineering, and business. With those goals in mind, HVR competes in various robotics competitions throughout the year, including the VEX Robotics Competition and the FIRST Robotics Competition. HVR is a fully student-driven club that allows the students to take full control of the club’s actions and its future. Students immerse themselves in the fields of engineering, computer-science, and business when building their robots, working on documentation, or soliciting to businesses. HVR strives to promote robotics within their community by attending outreach events and organizing annual robotics youth camps called Camp Eureka.

In the past two years, HVR has continued to grow, as well as garnered several awards at various robotics events. In 2012, HVR was awarded the Judges Award at the Hawaii Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. HVR competed at the 2012 Maui VEX Tournament and won the Excellence Award. At the TMT Big Island VEX Tournament, HVR won Tournament Champion and Finalist. At the 2012 Big Island VEX League, HVR won the Best Programming Skills Award, Best Driver Skills Award, Tournament Finalists, and the Excellence Award. At the prestigious 2012 Pan Pacific VEX Championship, HVR was named Tournament Champion.


Creating Effective Marketing Publications Workshops Presented by Experienced Educator Mililani Hughes at Hawaii TechWorks

Learn to be your own marketing designer using software readily available on your computer!

Tech Works

Hawaii TechWorks, a program of the East Hawaii Community Development Corporation (EHCDC), is sponsoring a series of three Effective Marketing Publications workshops that will each build upon each other:

  • Workshop 1: Designing a Postcard Reminder, March 6, Wednesday 1-4, $30
  • Workshop 2: Designing Eye-Catching Flyers, March 13, Wednesday 1-4, $30
  • Workshop 3: Designing an Effective Brochure, March 20, Wednesday 1-4, $30

Participants may register for the Workshop events online at: http://easthawaii.org/hawaii-techworks-creating-effective-marketing-publications-workshops/

The workshops are being held at Hawaii TechWorks at 230 Kekuanaoa Street, south of Hilo Shopping Center, in Hilo.

Attendees are encouraged to bring jump drives so that they may take their final products with them, for publishing or printing.

This Workshop series is being presented by Mililani Hughes, an educator with 20+ years of teaching experience who currently resides in Volcano.

For more information, participants may email community@easthawaii.org or visit http://easthawaii.org.

Food Business Basics Workshops – Value-Added Product Expert to Visit Hawai‘i Island

East Hawaii (EHCDC) to host The Kohala Center’s Food Business Basics Workshop in Hilo Value-added product expert to visit Hawai‘i Island

Value-added and specialty foods consultant Lou Cooperhouse will present “Food Business Basics: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche in the Specialty Foods Business” workshops in Hilo, hosted by East Hawaii (EHCDC) at their Hawaii Food Hub / Hawaii TechWorks location, March 11, 2013, and in Honoka‘a and Pāhala March 12–13, 2013.

Photo courtesy of the Laulima Center.

Photo courtesy of the Laulima Center.

The workshops are designed for farmers seeking to develop their raw product into a value added product and bring it to market. Additionally, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs interested in diversifying their revenue streams with specialty food products, and established producers looking to take their food businesses to the next level.

The Kohala Center and University of Hawai‘i Maui College are sponsoring and facilitating the workshops, which are made possible by a U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program grant. The East Hawaii Community Development Corporation is providing additional support.

The dates, times, and locations of the workshops are:

HILO: Monday, March 11, 2013,  8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Cosponsored, with East Hawaii Community Development Corporation (EHCDC), 501(c)(3), Hawaii Food Hub / Hawaii TechWorks, 230 Kekuanaoa Street

HONOKA‘A: Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., North Hawai‘i Education and Research Center, 45-539 Plumeria Street

PĀHALA: Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Pāhala Community Center, 96-1149 Kamani Street

Following Cooperhouse’s three-hour “Food Business Basics” workshops, Nicole Milne, Agricultural Business Development Specialist at The Kohala Center, will present two onehour sessions focused on financial resources available to Hawai‘i farmers and strategies for marketing agricultural products. Registration is $35.00 per participant in advance, and includes access to all three workshops and lunch. Participants may register online at http://laulimacenter.org/foodbasics or by calling (808) 4432755.

Registrations at the door will be accommodated on a space available basis for $50.00 per participant, with lunch subject to availability.

In addition, Cooperhouse will also conduct 30-minute one-on-one consulting sessions each afternoon with preselected workshop participants. Registrants interested in the one-on-one consultations must complete and submit a brief application, available for download at http://www.laulimacenter.org/pdf/FBB_Consult_App.pdf, by Friday, March 1. Applicants will be notified by March 8 whether or not they are selected for the consultations, which are being offered at no additional charge.

“Lou Cooperhouse’s workshops will prepare island agricultural producers and culinary entrepreneurs to enter the specialty foods industry,” said Milne. “These workshops will help participants understand the specialty foods marketplace, distribution channels, and current and emerging food industry trends, while also helping them define their target audiences, unique selling propositions, and the importance of business and strategic planning.”

“We are thrilled that The Kohala Center and UH Maui College are bringing Mr. Cooperhouse to Hawai‘i, and to be a part of this program by serving as host for Lou Cooperhouse’s Hilo workshop,” said Anthony Marzi, Executive Director of the East Hawaii Community Development Corporation. “Many of the constituents we serve are anxious for this knowledge and training. Having this kind of direct access to Mr. Cooperhouse’s expertise will benefit our island’s farmers and entrepreneurs, and has great potential to strengthen our local economy.”

Cooperhouse is the President of Food Spectrum, LLC, a management consulting company with expertise in business innovation and incubation. He has led cross-functional teams in a wide array of settings throughout his career, including new business startups, family-run companies, global manufacturing operations, and retail and food service operations. Cooperhouse also served as Director of the globally recognized Rutgers University Food Innovation Center, and as an Adjunct Professor in the Rutgers Business School. Earlier in his career, Cooperhouse held positions at Campbell Soup Company, ConAgra, and Nestlé-funded Culinary Brands in areas of business development, product development, quality assurance, and operations. He is the publisher and co-author of a landmark study on the prepared refrigerated food industry, and has spoken at over 100 industry conferences.