Former Councilman Ilagan Running for House District 4

Former Hawaii County Councilman Greggor Ilagan is running for office again, however, this time he is running for the Puna’s District 4 House of Representative position that is currently held by Rep. Joy San Buenaventura.

Rep. San Buenventura recently said that she is now running for Senate District 2, the position that Sen. Russell Ruderman currently holds. Sen. Ruderman has stated that he does not plan to run for re-election.

Ilagan ran against Sen. Ruderman for the senate seat in 2016 and was defeated in that election.

Ilagan posted the following to Facebook:

Former Councilman Greggor Ilagan

“Today, I have an announcement. I have pulled papers to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination to Puna’s District 4 in the State House of Representatives.

With Sen. Russell Ruderman announcing that he will not seek a third term, and Rep. Joy SanBuenaventura announcing her candidacy for the Senate, there will be an open House seat.

The state is taking drastic measures to stabilize its operating budget with a projected $1 billion shortfall. Puna needs experienced leadership more than ever in its legislative delegation.

To file my nomination papers I will need 15 signatures from voters registered in District 4 (Hawaiian Paradise Park, Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaiian Shores, Nanawale Estates, Leilani Estates, Pohoiki, Kalapana, Black Sands Beach, Pahoa, Ainaloa, Tiki Gardens) as soon as possible, as the deadline is June 2. I humbly ask if you would be able to sign my nomination papers for State House, that you please comment below or message me directly.

During my four years in public office I subscribed to three core values: Integrity first, remember the people, and excellence with aloha. I have since added a fourth: commitment and consistency.

The challenges we face are many.

The concern over the coronavirus pandemic response is one challenge, as it has put a lot of stress in our lives. How long will recovery take, and what will that look like? No one really knows, because the situation is still unfolding.

Rebuilding our economy will be another challenge, however it can also be an opportunity to guide our state to a more sustainable future. With your help we can begin that journey together, for a better tomorrow.

Primary election ballots are mailed out on July 21 for the August 8 election.

I look forward to serving you again.

Greggor Ilagan (808) 219-4240 |”

Senator Ruderman Hosts Meeting With Governor Abercrombie in Pahoa

Senator Russell Ruderman hosted a meeting with Governor Neil Abercrombie including about twenty-five Puna community leaders. This was the first time in several years that the Governor has visited Puna to specifically listen and address concerns of the district. The meeting was held at Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences school in Kea’au on Saturday, July 12th.

Ruderman Abercrombie

It was a productive meeting, with both the Governor’s staff and Puna leaders expressing great appreciation for the opportunity to meet directly with one another to address community concerns.

Governor Abercrombie intently listened as the issues of the Puna District, such as substandard subdivisions and the problems they are facing including roads and other necessary infrastructure; emergency access; geothermal; need for social & medical services; unsafe highways; safe access to medical marijuana; charter schools; and a variety of other concerns were presented by those in attendance. The governor acknowledged their concerns, asked questions, and agreed that Puna is in need of long-denied attention and resources.

One theme emerged repeatedly, as Senator Ruderman explained, “Puna is the state’s fastest-growing district, and includes some of the state’s poorest population areas, yet it has received less funding than other districts for several decades.”

Ruderman at Haas

One example of the problems this has caused is that Lower Puna has only one road for access and emergencies (Highway 130) and this overburdened highway is the most dangerous road in the state. As Community leader Jon Olson said “We’re dying out here, literally, on the unsafe state highway.”

The Governor stated, “This is the 21st Century, and we need to look at things anew.” The old assumptions about our subdivisions, roads, and what Puna residents deserve must be re-evaluated. The Governor agreed to focus more attention on our needs and will follow up with more communication.

Senator Ruderman coordinated this meeting to create a productive avenue of communication between the administration and the Puna community, which has been lacking in recent years. Senator Ruderman said “For this meeting, we put aside the most contentious issues and focused instead on all the other basic issues so desperately in need of attention in Puna. I am thankful for this renewed dialog between my community and the administration.”

VIDEO: Solarside Chat with Guest Mayor Billy Kenoi

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Guy Toyama interviews his first guest Mayor Billy Kenoi on his new show

This month, our guest is Mayor Billy Kenoi, the Chief Executive of the County of Hawaii who talks about his goals of increasing lower cost renewable energy as a way to spur sustainable economic activity on his island.


Councilwoman Brittany Smart to Run for Hawaii State House of Representative District 3 Seat

Brittany Smart announced today that she be seeking the Hawaii State House of Representative District 3 seat. “Due to Mr. Herkes’ announcement to run for the Hawaii State Senate, there is now an open House seat.

Councilwoman Brittany Smart

District 3’s representative at the State legislature needs to have an understanding of the unique challenges that this community faces. Due to my experience as a Councilmember, I believe I am able to accurately represent this area.”

Ms. Smart wanted to sincerely thank all of her constituents for their support throughout her Council term. At the encouragement of her constituency, Ms. Smart seriously began considering a run for the State House. “I am deeply humbled by the outpouring of requests for me to continue representing my constituents at the next level.”