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Puna News… Huh… Another Big Island Newspaper Down the Drain?

I’m curious what happened to the “Puna News” local newspaper that was published and distributed throughout Puna.

I asked a person who wrote for the “Puna News” about what might have happened to it and I got this response:

“…I think that ***** ****** couldn’t make the news business work…”

Can anyone confirm whether this newspaper has been shut down for good?

Are Big Island Bloggers able to provide news faster and more convenient then a newspaper published once a month?

I have 30,000 page visits a month…  but I do things on my own.  Does anyone know what the monthly distribution of the Puna News was???

And if so… hook me up with some of their advertisers that may have been shortchanged!

Guaranteed my ads are cheaper then any online paper… and I don’t even want to go into stuff that Coders and statisticians will tell you about my site… as I don’t even understand the numbers…

I will just say… Mahalo to all that continue to visit this “Online Trainwreck” as some seem to have endeared it :roll: pfft!

West Hawaii Today: More Ads… Less News

Anyone notice the new online layout for the West Hawaii Today?

They have switched to a four column template from a three column template.

What this does is squeezes out the news and gives room for more advertising on the front page.

More ads less news… check it out, the West Hawaii Today.

By the way, the Hawaii Tribune Herald is still at three columns, but I predict them to make the change soon.

Online ads are worth a bit more when they  stay on your front page then buried on pages underneath.