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Is the County of Hawaii Website Collecting Personal Data From Folks?

Recently, the County of Hawaii changed the look of it website and with it lost a few sites that I liked to visit like the Department of Finance, Purchasing Division, and Professional Services Awarded website.

According the Hawaii Tribune:

“It’s a work in progress,” Tsuchiya said. “We do have some work to do to make sure all the information on the previous site is there.”

The site still has a lot to improve before it becomes what I would consider a user friendly and valuable service to the public website.

The thing that kind of concerns me as a person that doesn’t believe the government should be compiling internet data of residents of that our in there districts is the privacy statement on the website and some of the statements said there:

Thank you for visiting the County of Hawaii web site. This web site is provided as a public service. You can visit our home site without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. We do not sell, exchange, or otherwise make available information gathered by our site to others.

My question then would be… what type of information is being gathered? Further down on the privacy statement it says:

We may gather certain non-personal data from web site visits that will enable us to later determine usage trends such as which pages are visited most often, what hours of day experience the greatest use, session duration, etc. None of this information identifies you personally. We use the information in aggregate only to enable us to improve our web site and make it more informative.

So as you see it states allegedly that “None of this information identifies you personally“… but then if you read all the way down at the very bottom of the privacy statement you get this statement:

Should a situation arise where we are required by law or legal process to provide information that we may have about you, we must cooperate.

So I guess I don’t really have too much personally to worry about… but is there really a reason for Hawaii County’s Website to be collecting any data on people in general?

New County Website Being Developed Says Bishop

I spoke with Hunter Bishop tonight at the Highway 130 meeting, and I asked him how the website was coming along.  He mentioned that they are still working on it and it should be coming along soon.

He did mention that it would feature RSS feeds so that media outlets could just have the information fed directly to their sites.

Still waiting though.

I forgot to ask a few things I guess I should have asked… like how about a county blog?

Hawaii County “Site Map” of Their Website

I bugged the County at the end of last year to change their website and get it updated.

At the beginning of the year I got the following reply from Hunter Bishop:

…Anyway, since becoming county public relations specialist in December, I and others have been designing a new site that should address your concerns and be online sometime this month…

I’m still waiting for the county to update it’s website but I figured I’d point people to a better place to seek county information then what is presently given and that is the COUNTY SITE MAP of the website.