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Hawaii County to Offer Vehicle Registration Online… How About Property Taxes?

About six weeks ago I asked “Why is the county wasting more money on vehicle registration offices” .

Today the Mayor’s office has announced that vehicle registration renewal will be available online.

…“We are pleased to launch another online service that’s designed to help make county government more accessible to the general public, and is part of our overall plan to improve efficiency,” said Mayor Billy Kenoi… More

Well that’s great news… well how about being able to pay property taxes online instead of having them sent to the mainland and back they could set up a system like Dallas has… or like Los Angeles or even HONOLULU has as well as many other counties across America.

Why do we as county tax payers shell out $16,000 + per year when we should be able to do it online?

…The company bid $16,143.60 to open 132,000 envelopes and deposit the checks, compared to FHB’s $24,288, according to bids opened March 30 by the county Purchasing Division…  Hawaii Tribune 7/27/10

Why Is the County Wasting More Money on Vehicle Registration Offices?

From the Hawaii Tribune:

…Hawaii County would open a Waimea vehicle registration and driver’s licensing office and double the size of its prosecutors office there under a proposal from Mayor Billy Kenoi’s administration.…”

Why open an office and have staff work at an office that could be done online for much less cost?

Vehicle registration is done online across America. Yet we need to spend more money getting space and man power to man an office that will only be available 32 hours a week some weeks (furloughs)?

I thought the idea was to start getting people off the roads and quit wasting gas? Why wait in line somewhere when it can be done online?

I’m tired of the same old excuse… “Not everyone has internet”.