Is Hawaii County Council Opening Pandora’s Box?

I got to love the thought that a few members of our council have opened up the Hawaii County Tip Line.

Unfortunately, I think it’s going to get closed down rather quickly.

They are allowing anonymous folks to call in and report about things with out valid facts behind them.  This Hawaii County Tip Line is paid for with our tax dollars… so therefor anything recorded on that tip line should be available for the general public to hear.

I may ask to hear these recordings in a few days just to see what type of stuff is being said on this tip line.  If I’m denied access to these recordings… I may have to remind them about the Hawaii State Office of Information Practices.

Council Chairman Yagong is going to be the Wizard of Oz and the keeper of the magic box:

…The phone is located in my Chairman’s Office in Hilo, and people can leave their message with a name and number if they want a return call.  However, calls can also be placed anonymously if you so desire…

However, Yagong goes on to state that these phone calls will only be available for review in executive session… What’s up with that?

It is my intention to provide a monthly report to council at an executive session for their review.  Names and phone numbers (if provided) will be redacted from the report.   If a caller wishes not to be part of the executive session report, please indicate so on the message and your call will not be included….

So I believe that the newspapers will soon be asking for the contents of these recordings soon enough… I know I’m thinking about filing an OIP request.

What could come out of Hawaii the Hawaii County Pandora Box... LOL