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    March 2019
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Another Highway 130 Wreck… Orchidland Intersection

Well apparently there was another Highway 130 wreck yesterday at the Orchidland intersection of 130.

Highway 130 and Orchidland

Highway 130 and Orchidland (Photo by Devany Vickery-Davidson)

Of course this is the same intersection where they are planning on putting the new KTA if it goes through.

Mahalo to Devany Vickery-Davidson for sending in the picture.

Another Wreck on H130

I was just coming home from my son’s soccer game and we came across another wreck on H130.  This one looked pretty serious:


H-130 Contraflow Resolution Ammended to Draft and Adopted

I’ve been a bit busy trying to keep up with the council meetings, but from what I just read, at the Council Meeting yesterday, it looks like they have approved a resolution to try and get H130 Contra-flowed during peak hours.

Res 768-088

Urges the Department of Transportation to Create a Reversible or Counterflow Lane During Peak Commute Hours on Highway 130 at the Bottleneck Near Keaau High School {A reversible lane is used to route traffic in one direction during the morning rush hour the opposite direction in the afternoon or evening and as a turning lane at most other times.}


AYES: Council Members Enriques, Ford, Greenwell, Hoffmann, Ikeda, Naeole, Onishi, Yagong and Chair Yoshimoto.
NOES: None

Just because the county has adopted this resolution, my understanding is that it still has to be approved by the State.

From what I have heard at the H-130 Meetings that I have participated in, the State doesn’t seem to be too interested in Contra flowing H130 at this time.

I hope they will change their mind as obviously our own Council thinks it’s worthy of a try.

Lingle Unveils Comprehensive Highway Modernization Plan… $524 Million for Big Island

Governor Linda Lingle, together with Senate Transportation Chair Kalani English, House Transportation Chair Joe Souki and State Transportation Director Brennon Morioka today unveiled a $4.2 billion dollar, six-year Highway Modernization Plan.  The statewide plan would implement critical highway projects and programs aimed at reducing traffic congestion, improving highway safety, maintaining roads, and saving motorists time and money.

“This is a truly innovative proposal that will change the way the state Department of Transportation does business when it comes to funding, planning and implementing highway upgrades and maintenance,” said Governor Lingle.  “This Highway Modernization Plan will provide the type of results that all users of our roadways have been waiting for and deserve.  It builds on the State’s overall efforts to upgrade Hawai‘i’s transportation infrastructure, and will complement our Airports Modernization and Harbors Modernization plans that are already underway.”

The Highway Modernization Plan focuses on 183 projects, including 161 projects in the four counties:  76 projects on O‘ahu ($1,905,033,000), 36 projects for Maui County ($578,940,000), 27 projects on the Big Island ($524,712,000) and 22 projects on Kaua‘i ($263,410,000).  In addition, there are 22 statewide projects ($968,119,000)…

More Here

State Sells $125.2 Million in Highway Revenue Bonds

Governor Linda Lingle announced today that the State successfully completed its sale of $125.2 million of Highway Revenue Bonds to fund various highway capital improvement projects throughout the State…

…“Completion of the $125.2 million Highways Revenue Bond sale today, along with the sale of $227.8 million in general obligation bonds earlier this month, will provide a portion of the initial funding for our $1.8 billion public infrastructure improvement plan announced on Monday,” said Governor Lingle  “These resources will aid in boosting our construction industry, and support our five-point economic action plan to stimulate and strengthen Hawai‘i’s economy and create jobs,” added Governor Lingle…

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