Plastic Water Bottle Ban at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Nets Association $80,000 a Year in Reusable Bottle Sales

The sale of plastic water bottles is not allowed inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and now the National Park Service is looking to implement a similar ban at all National Parks.

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“…For these reasons, the National Park Service will implement a disposable plastic water bottle recycling and reduction policy, with an option to eliminate sales on a park-by-park basis following an extensive review and with the prior approval of the regional director.”

Under that policy, parks are encouraged to have “robust” recycling programs, use education to convince visitors to reduce their use of disposable plastic bottles, and, “where appropriate,” institute bans on the bottles.

Operations in at least two parks, Zion and Hawaii Volcanoes, already have bottle bans in place. At Hawaii Volcanoes, where the cooperating association decided to stop selling disposable bottles, the association estimated it will gross $80,000 a year in reusable bottle sales and will net a profit...

Click here for the recently released “Policy on Disposable Plastic Water Bottles” dated December 14 2011.

I’m not real clear on what “association” is receiving this money… I’m just reading the report above.