Video: Broadband High Speed Internet Discussion in the State of Hawaii


Rep. Gene Ward talks with Larry Reifurth the Director of the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and Chief Information Officer of University of Hawaii David Lassner about “Broadband” high speed internet access in Hawaii.

Pt. 1:


Pt. 2:


Hawaii Will Become Spaceport… Rocketplanes a Reality for Hawaii?

I blogged about the Rocketplanes in Hawaii a while back… looks like they might come into fruition after all.

Representative Gene Ward (R-Hawaii Kai-Kalama Valley) said today that Hawaii will never be the same again with the passage of House Bill 994.

The measure, “Relating to Space Tourism” sets in motion a licensing process for Hawaii to become a space port for weightless and supersonic flights. “Weightlessness flights will be a big boost to tourism and make us an even more attractive destination area,” Ward said.

Space tourism is a potential billion dollar global industry that could significantly increase state revenue sources, provide new aerospace jobs, and rejuvenate economic development in Hawaii.

“Not too far into the future there will be transpacific flights by rocket planes that can take off like a normal airplane in Honolulu, then reach a certain altitude, fire its rockets, and be in Japan in just 45 minutes,” Ward said.

HB 994 is expected pass easily in both House and Senate final votes next week. The 2009 Legislative Session has been extended by two additional days and ends May 8th. [youtube=]

“A Word With Ward” New Youtube Series With Rep. Gene Ward

It looks like Rep. Gene Ward is doing something similar to what Rep. Morita is doing with her “The Ledge” column on youtube.

Rep. Ward’s youtube show is called “A Word With Ward”.  Here is the first of four episodes that have were loaded this afternoon:

Just a reminder folks, just because I post clips that I find on youtube, does not mean I necessarily support what is being said.  Or for that matter, I may support something and not say it as well.

Part I – Representative Gene Ward PH.D. discusses economic:


If your interested in seeing the other 3 parts of this, you can view them here.

New Youtube Series Focuses on Hawaii Government

It looks like there is a new series coming out called “Better Government” that keys on Representative Kymberly Pine and Gene Ward:

Part I:

Better Government Part 1 with host Sarah Hunt featuring Representatives Kymberly Pine and Gene Ward

Part II:

Better Government hosted by Sarah Hunt with Representative Kymberly Pine


Town Meeting on Coqui Frogs Held

Go figure… Big Island has the big problem… Oahu has the Town Meeting on them:


The coqui frogs are in Hawaii Kai. Representative Ward holds a Town Meeting on Coqui Frogs. The Powerpoint presentation is presented by Chelsea Arnott of the Oahu Invasive Species Council; and Domingo Carvalho, State Dept of Agriculture, Quarrantine Division. Repentative Clift Tsuji also tell of his experience with Coqui frogs on the Big Island.