Ziplining in Paradise Courtesy of KapohoKine Adventures and Umauma Falls Zipline Experience

*If you must watch any of the youtube clips… the very last one is the best!

Today wraps up the third day of three great days that the Big Island Visitors Bureau has provided me.

One of the things that I had always wanted to do at least once in my life, was to be able to go somewhere exotic and go ziplining through the jungles, woods and waterfalls of the area.

Well we are in luck here on the Big Island of Hawaii.  A new “Zipline Park” is being opened up called the Umauma Falls Zipline Experience and it should be open in about three weeks.

Today, some mainland travel writers and myself got to be the first “Clients” of this zipline park.  I will tell you one thing… there is nothing more scary than being a “Guinea Pig” for something that hasn’t been tested before.

We gathered at 10:00 in the morning at the baseyard of KapohoKine Adventures and then rode up to Umauma Falls in one of their 10 passenger Chevrolet Express VIP vans.  Once we got to Umauma Falls we had a gourmet lunch of Paniolo Pork Ribs with Guava BBQ Glaze, Hibachi Boneless chicken and a choice of a few salads to choose from.

What was cool about the location of this lunch… was this was where one of the sets that the most recent Bachelorette Shows was shot at.  After we ate, I prepared some Awa for everyone to try and relax their minds before we set off on this adventure.

Umauma Falls Zipline Experience has 8 Ziplines although the owner mentions here that there are 9 technically.


After lunch, we climbed into this Pinzgauer and headed up to the ziplines.

They started us off nice and easy with this little zipline so that we could get the control of how the ziplines worked and how to turn on them.


But right after that one, they put us on the only dual track (side-by-side) zipline on Hawaii.


Because these ziplines are still being built… they didn’t have the braking system in place and they literally had their staff there to stop us.  However, the braking system is in the process of being built.

The third zipline we went on was conveniently 808 feet long… and yes that was done on purpose as the area code of the State of Hawaii is 808.  What was cool about this one… was that instead of at the end of the zipline going down stairs to get to the ground… you actually rappel from the platform.


We got to ride on 4 of the 8 ziplines today as they are still finishing doing some things with the others so they weren’t ready yet.

It was totally awesome and I can’t wait to go back there again when it does have it’s grand opening… which the official date has not been set yet.

Just for those that are wondering.  Age 10 is the youngest that they will allow.  And riders also need to weigh between 80 and 260 lbs although technically the cables will hold a couple ton of weight… it’s just that the heavier you are the faster you go and it becomes a safety issue.

I’d like to thank KapohoKine Adventures and Umauma Falls Zipline Experience for providing something that I have always wanted to do before!

The video below is me going on their longest zipline that we took today zipline number 4.  Sorry in advance if I swear in these videos  as I was just really overwhelmed.