Damien Memorial’s $1.5 Million Grant Violates Hawaii State Constitution

A few days ago I posted about Damien Memorial fudging on the their grant application and swindling the State out of $1.5 Million Dollars.

Well it turns out that someone in our legislature is listening and asked Deputy Attorney General Randall S. Nishiyama if the grant of $1.5 million made by the 2014 Legislature for Damien Memorial School for campus renovations was constitutional. (See Act 134, Sessions Law of Hawaii 2013, Part IV, Section 39, item no. B. 16.)

Attorney General Nishiyama answer was “Negative”.

“Damien Memorial School is a private sectarian educational institution.  Article X, Section 1, of the Hawaii State Constitution, prohibits public funds from being appropriated for the support or benefit of any sectarian or nonsectarian private educational institution. Consequently this grant violates article X, Section 1, of the Hawaii State Constitution.”

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