Top 10 Adventures in 2010… Numbers 4 and 3

Continuing on with my top 10 adventures in 2010 today brings us to adventures 4 and 3.

Coming in at #4 was getting a chance to go out to sea with the US Navy Destroyer USS CHUNG-HOON

At the helm of the USS Chung-Hoon

A group of us got to go out to sea with the sailors of the USS Chung-Hoon on their family day… despite the fact that I don’t have any family members aboard the Chung-Hoon I was well accepted on board.

Playing with toys?

I had no idea that when we were out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that a submarine would submerge next to us… that was pretty thrilling!

This tripped me out!

Like to say thanks to the folks at US Pacific Command for hooking me up with this trip… despite the fact that I got seasick on it and felt like I had sea legs for the next 24 hours!

Coming in at #3 was a Snorkeling trip off the Kona Coast with Fairwind Cruises Hula Kai where I got to use a sea rocket!

The Boat

The sea rocket that I got to use was incredible as it literally propelled me through the water so I didn’t have to use much energy trying to swim.

A "Sea Rocket"

Not only did they feed us breakfast… but they also fed us lunch… which unfortunately for me, kept me out of the water for a bit of time because I didn’t want to cramp up.

Here’s a quick video of what I got to do!


I’d like to thank Fair Wind Cruises for this opportunity of a lifetime!