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The Hawaiian Perspectives on Geothermal Energy Discussion Was Today

The Pahoa Community Center was filled today with some of the more well known names in the Hawaiian Community this morning as a discussion on “Hawaiian Perspectives on Geothermal Energy” took place.

The who's who of Puna packed into the Pahoa Community Center this morning.

The Pule (Opening Prayer) was given by former 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole.

Kale Gumapac and Emily Naeole

The Sponsors of the event were:

  • Kealoha Estate – Kuulei Cooper
  • OHA Trustee – Bob Lindsey
  • Innovations Development Group – Robbie Cabral
  • Indigenous Consultant – Mililani B. Trask
  • Aha Kanaka Moku o Keawe – Kale Gumapac

Patricia Brandt introduces the sponsors of the event

Patricia Brandt opened the panel by asking the following: “…But our question is – What has happened in the twenty years since then… what has benefited this community…?



Geothermal resources belong to the native Hawaiian and the public.  Under State law, these resources are “minerals” and are an assets of the ceded land trust.  Private development of our trust resources has already pushed the cost up 487.5% (it cost 8 cents per kilowatt hour for geothermal electricity but HELCO/PGV costs incresase charges to 39 cents for the consumer)  How can our energy resources be developed in a community-based way that is culturally appropriate, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable and clean?

Senator Hanohano and Mililani Trask touch basis before the discussion begin

Among the speakers and panelist were:

  • Mililani B. Trask who’s message was stressed with “Lets not repeat past mistakes”.
  • Kumu Hula Cy Bridges – “How do we balance traditional practice with modern trust obligations and community energy needs”
  • Kuulei Cooper – “Why geothermal development can  should support community projects like the Puna Community Park, an effort that has been ongoing for 28 years.
  • OHA Trustee Bob Lindsey – Benefits (reventues) that come to Hawaiians & OHA from geothermal Royalties, protections for Wao Kele o Puna Forest.
  • Kale Gumapac – “Why Hawaiians should be informed in and involved in development of their trust asstes, the need for Hawaiian development options, what are “community benefits?”

Mililani B. Trask opened up the discussion with a bit of an introduction about who the folks involved in the project are:


I wish I could have stayed for the entire meeting but I had prior commitments.

Senator Inouye Awards Largest Transit Grant to Hawaii County

Media Release:

U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye presented a check for $7.2 million to the County of Hawai’i for seven new 45-passenger buses and major improvements to the county’s Mass Transit Agency facilities on Saturday, October 16, 2010.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants represent the largest amount ever provided to a Neighbor Island for public transportation improvement projects.

Hawai’i County Mayor Billy Kenoi and Mass Transit Agency Director Tom Brown accepted the check from Senator Inouye in a brief ceremony outside the County building at 25 Aupuni Street , Hilo .


Fourth District County Councilman Dennis “Fresh” Onishi receives a grant check for $7.2 million on behalf of the County of Hawai‘i from U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye to fund mass transit improvements.


Also attending were Hawai’i Island Council members Guy Enriques (6th District), Emily Naeole -Beason (5th District) and Dennis “Fresh” Onishi (4th District).


Sixth District Councilman Guy Enriques accepting a grant check for $7.2 million on behalf of the County of Hawai ‘i from U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye to fund mass transit improvements.


Council members Enriques and Naeole-Beason praised Senator Inouye for his efforts to improve transportation for the residents of their rural districts. ” In Ka‘u we come the longest way to drive to Kona and Hilo . We are going to need these buses desperately. I thank-you, this is a dream come true for Ka‘u.” said Councilman Enriques. “This shows that our County’s efforts to work in partnership and collaboration with our Congressional delegation and federal agencies provide invaluable services and benefits to our community.”


Fifth District Councilwoman Emily Naeole -Beason accepting a grant check for $7.2 million on behalf of the County of Hawai‘i from U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye to fund mass transit improvements.


Senator Inouye said the safe and timely transportation of our residents and visitors is critical to maintaining a healthy economy. “These funds will help people on the Big Island get to and from work while reducing traffic congestion and limiting the impact fossil fuels have on the environment.”

A $5 million State of Good Repair Grant from FTA, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, includes $4 million for new administration offices and base yard for the County’s Mass Transit Agency in Hilo .

The new County mass transit offices will provide easy access to a central location where the public can visit or call to obtain transit services and information. The base yard will enable the county to better house and maintain the transit agency’s growing fleet of buses.

The State of Good Repair Grant also includes $1 million for the purchase of three new 45-passenger buses with wheelchair access, bicycle racks and passenger security features that will continue to improve the County’s free, island-wide bus services for island residents.

An additional $2.2 million federal earmark from the FTA’s transit capital investment program will be used to purchase four additional new 45-passenger buses for the County’s transportation fleet. The grant will also used to purchase bus stop and bus shelter materials.

“This $7.2 million grant is a huge appropriation for our County and recognizes our efforts at building and enhancing the largest transportation system in the State of Hawai’i ,” said Mayor Kenoi. “We are very grateful for the help provided by our senior Senator Inouye and his staff in obtaining this valuable assistance for our residents.”

The county’s free, island-wide bus system is rapidly growing. In Fiscal Year 2009-2010, 1.1 million passengers boarded Hawai’i Island’s Hele-On buses, an 18 percent increase from the previous year.

“The new buses and the administrative and base yard improvements will have a tremendous positive impact on our mass transit system, allowing more people to use the system and to help us address increasing demand for our services,” said Tom Brown, Mass Transit Agency director.

“The growing demands of our residents traveling between East and West Hawai’i, connecting the Ka`u and Ocean View districts with Hilo and Kona, North Kohala and Kona, and between upper and lower Puna to Hilo, will be addressed with the new buses,” Brown said.

“With the generous support from Senator Inouye,” said Mayor Kenoi, “we are continuing to follow through on our commitment to expand our transit system.”

Hawaii H1N1 Resolution Advances Vaccination Exemptions In Favor of American Freedoms

Media Release:

Despite the declared H1N1 “national emergency,” Department of Health officials were unable to persuade the Hawaii County Council to stop a resolution advancing vaccination exemptions. The Resolution was put forth by County Council vice chair, Emily I. Naeole-Beason, who received concerns about vaccine-injuries from several constituents. Proponents declared the Council’s vote a victory for freedom, and a warning to those who seek mandatory medical authorizations under Federal “national emergency” statutes.  The vote was 7-1 in favor with County chair J Yoshimoto casting the only no vote and Council member Enriques was absent.

Wordless Wednesday – County Saves $24,000 on District 5 Office Relocation


Councilwoman Naeole to Go Before Board of Ethics for “Pen Throwing” Incident Next Week

Naeole and her Fiance Raymond

Naeole and her Fiance Raymond

I just noticed that it Councilwoman Emily Naeole will be going before the Board of Ethics for the alleged pen throwing incident that occurred during the Hawaii County Council Meeting on Wednesday the 14th of October:

a. Petition No. 2009-9: Petitioners allege that a County officer or employee violated Section 2-83(a)(3) of the Code of Ethics (regarding fair treatment) by throwing a pen at the June 2, 2008, County Council meeting.

You can view the full document here: “Board of Ethics, 10/14/09 Agenda

I’d love to see video of this before I pass judgment and have requested Big Island Video News to see if they have any footage of this.

I’ve sailed a few inadvertent pens in my life… I’m sure I’ll sail a keyboard soon enough.

Informational Fair this Saturday

Pahoa Community Center
Media Release:

Informational Fair #4

Pahoa Community Center
September 19, 2009
10:00 am to 3:00 PM

Council Member Emily Naeole is hosting another Informational Fair.

Naeole is calling on County, State, and Social Service Agencies to participate.

Residents are encouraged to attend this fair to find out about resources and services available in the Puna area.

The agencies will be available to help direct and answer questions.

Contact: Gwen Kupahu
Phone: 965-2712
Email: gkupahu@co.hawaii.hi.us

Cruz Ohana Rocks Pahoa Village Cafe… Tonight Prime Rib Dinner With the Ohana

Jon Cruz and Pahoa Village Cafe Manager Jose

Jon Cruz and Pahoa Village Cafe Manager Jose

Last night at the Pahoa Village Cafe, the Cruz ohana rocked the house to a full house.


Tonight at 6 Pm, the Cruz family invites folks to a Prime Rib All You Can Eat Luncheon and concert at the Pahoa Village Cafe.


The place was truly rocking last night and the Cruz ohana put on an excellent show as usual.


And in case you didn’t know it… The several members of the Cruz family are very active in Social Media even having Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Uncle Tweeting?

Uncle Tweeting?

I wish that I had looked at the settings on my camera as I didn’t have them on the right settings.  I actually took quite a few pictures… but I’ve only compressed about a third of them.

Naeole w/ Uncle

Of course Pahoa always has it’s usual folks that tend to take up the dance floor all to themselves at times.


You can click on the images below for a larger view and don’t forget about the Prime Rib dinner and concert tonight:

The Wedding, the Man and a Change in Plans

Last night at the Pahoa Village Cafe, I had the opportunity to finally meet the groom, and all I can say… Is “Everyone Loves Ray”.

As I mentioned before, 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole is getting married in a few months.  I previously stated that she was going to be getting married on October 17th, however, another event is taking place on this date and it is now pushed back to the 24th of October.

So let’s meet the groom:

Raymond Beason

Raymond Beason

Raymond Beason comes from Louisianna and is quite a well known dude there.

The Groom and Bride

The Groom and Bride

I spoke with him for a few minutes outside of Pahoa Village Cafe all by himself without Auntie being around and he sure does seem to be in love with her and is very excited about the upcoming wedding.

Emily Naeole and Raymond Beason

Emily Naeole and Raymond Beason

Well, from what I remember… he is a bit older then Ms. Naeole… but he sure doesn’t act that way… as you can see the two of them dancing away below:


Councilwoman Naeole Getting Married in Two Months

I just spoke with Councilwoman Naeole for a brief moment before my son was getting on the bus at Malama Market this morning, and as I was on the phone talking to my wife… Councilwoman Naeole drove by… Rolled down her window and announced:

“Big News… I’m Getting Married in Two Months!”

I was on the phone at the time and didn’t get a chance to get the details, however, I’d just like to congratulate Ms. Naeole ahead of time, as she seemed very excited to spread the news.

Groundbreaking Begins on “Helene Hale” Gymnasium in Pahoa

Today was the long anticipated groundbreaking of the “Helen Hale” Gymnasium that will be located on the Pahoa High and Intermediate Campus.

Legislative Aide RJ Hampton, Mayor Bill Kenoi, Senator Russell Kokubun,  Helene Hale, Representative Faye Hanohano and the Principal of Pahoa High break ground on the new gymnasium while Councilwoman Emily Naeole says a prayer in the background.

Legislative Aide RJ Hampton, Mayor Bill Kenoi, Senator Russell Kokubun, Helene Hale, Representative Faye Hanohano and the Principal Dean Cevallos of Pahoa High break ground on the new gymnasium while Councilwoman Emily Naeole says a prayer in the background.

Many dignitaries in attendance talked about how long this process has taken and all were very thankful that the process has finally started.

gym side shot

Helene Hale, who is a legend around this area, really pushed for this gymnasium many years ago and even today she was very greatful and joked that she was at least happy she was able to see the groundbreaking before she goes on to the next part of her life.

Emily Naeole, Helene Halel and Faye Hanohano all looking lovely

Emily Naeole, Helene Halel and Faye Hanohano all looking lovely

Community members from all parts of Puna came out to support this great project as most locals from around here… are actually graduates or attended Pahoa School at one time or another in their lives.

Maddie Greene, Fred Blas and Johnna Medeiros

Maddie Greene, Fred Blas and Johnna Medeiros

Even our own elected official Emily Naeole graduated from Pahoa and Rep. Faye Hanohano was at Pahoa before transferring to Oahu to attend Kamehameha.

Cousins Emily Naeole and Faye Hanohano talk about how long they have waited for this day

Cousins Emily Naeole and Faye Hanohano talk about how long they have waited for this day

The students of Pahoa are one of the last schools to get a gym built.  My wife played many volleyball and basketball games in the old gym and it has many memories… but the school outgrew that gym a long time ago and this is definitely a good thing.

Vice-Principal and Principal of Pahoa High and Intermediate

Vice-Principal and Principal of Pahoa High and Intermediate

I’m glad I could be there for this historic groundbreaking.

I heard it will be done in several phases.  The first phase will not include locker rooms, however the second phase of it will have locker rooms.

You can click on the pictures below for a larger view and Big Island Video News has video of the event as well posted here:

King of Vert and a Word From the Mayor’s Office


From the Mayors Office:

A Skate Contest and Anti-Drug Driving Awareness Project event will start at 11 a.m. Saturday, August 1, 2009, at Pāhoa Skate Park (check-in starts at 9:30 a.m.).

The contest, called “King of the Vert,” is being coordinated by Hawai‘i Broadcast Media Center and Healing Our Island. Entry is free for all competitors. To promote sustainability and a clean aina, competitors are asked to bring some form of recyclable trash to enter.

The contest will be preceded by a blessing of the park by Fifth District Councilwoman Emily Naeole at 10:30 a.m.

For information, call Adam Palumbo, 938-8593.

Councilwoman Emily Naeole on Meeting the Emperor of Japan

I bumped into 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole today at an event for school supplies.

She was selected to meet Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan recently at the Mauna Kea Hotel.

Here she talks about this once in a life time experience.


Councilwoman Emily Naeole Meets the Emperor of Japan

Wow… Looks our Councilwoman Auntie Emily Naeole got to meet the Emperor of Japan!

Naeole Meets the Emperor 003

Naeole Meets the Emperor 004

Opening Up Our County Council… Public Input?

I’d like to hear of ideas of opening up government access to the general people of the Big Island.

I’ve got a few things planned for my blog in the near future following the most recent council meeting that Attorney Margaret Wille Blogged live on my blog via email posting.

Video Streaming of these council meetings would be on the top of my agenda if I could find someone that is interested in politics and could sit through these long meetings.

Opening up government to Big Island residents could easily be done… anyone want to talk?

We don’t need to be present at these meetings to make an impact.

Social media could go along way here on the Big Island and I hope our council members start to realize the importance of the fact that their actions are being watched.

Auntie Emily… you are blood to me through my marriage into a Hawaiian family… I will be talking to you soon about this as I don’t think you fully understand the repercussions of what has happened today.

Please think about your ohana and your constituents in district 5 in your new assumed “sitting duck” leadership role.

You had a real big chance today to stand up for the folks of Puna today, instead… you bowed down to politics.

No disrespect meant Auntie… but I love this Island too much to allow some crap to fly around and this pisses me off!

You were used as a political pawn today and whether you know it or not… it doesn’t matter now, the votes are in.

It is time to move on.   Your actions will be watched by your constituents here in District 5 and you know we love you… but please… Think about us in your future decisions you make.

Damon Tucker

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Emily Naeole

Councilwomen Emily Naeole sings her Alma Mater at the “2009 Pahoa Egg Rush“:


Easter Egg Hunt and Playground Blessing

On Wednesday, April 8th @2:00 pm, Council Member Emily Naeole will be Blessing the new playground at Hawaiian Beaches.

Following the blessing, an Easter Egg Hunt for the Keiki will take place.


For more information, Contact Gwen at 965-2714

Councilwoman Naeole’s Testimony on Vog Bill

I received an email copy of the Testimony that Councilwoman Naeole sent in to the Legislature regarding HB312.

Vog; Sulfur Dioxide Monitoring
Directs the Department of Defense to develop and implement a program to ensure that an adequate number of monitors to detect sulfur dioxide are strategically placed throughout areas of the state where high incidences of vog, sulfur dioxide, or both occur.


February 7, 2009

Council Member Emily Naeole District 5 Puna


I have before me, House Bills 312-318 relating to vog and sulphur dioxide that covers highway guardrail replacement, workers safety and compensation and agrarian concerns but is shockingly silent on resident safety, aid and compensation.

Where is the legislation to bring aid and relief to the people of Puna?  Residents on coastal Red Road, the Kalapana-Kapoho Road are closest of all communities to the ocean plumes. During Kona, interchangeable winds, or no-wind conditions, the vog can be intolerable during higher emission periods. also it has been noted that the vog has a tendency to linger in corridors of Highway 130 near the Maku’u Hawaiian Homestead. One can see and smell it.

To make matters worse, on Sunday, 2/01/09, the Hawaii Herald-Tribune, published the latest report from the Hawai’i volcanic Observatory, (HVO), informing us that another deadly ingredient has been added to the vog: Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), a broad spectrum poison that can poison several different systems in the body, although the nervous system is most affected. The toxicity of H2S is comparable with that of hydrogen cyanide.

In order for this act to be complete I believe that the monitors should monitor H2s emissions too.

We have had a very rough time in the Kehena area in December and January. Everyone I know in Seaview is suffering ill effects of one degree or another. We have had two deaths and much illness in this small neighborhood in the first two months of this year.

According to the Pahoa Fire Chief all procedures come through Civil Defense. At this time the fire station in Pahoa uses the SO2 monitoring device only when “it looks” voggy at the fire station. The fire chief then, and only then, sends out someone to take SO2 readings at C.D. authorized sites. Everyone knows looks can be deceiving when we are talking about poisons in parts per million terms. It should not be left to people at the fire station to guesstimate for an entire district.

This is totally unacceptable. Sometimes the vog is thick in Pahoa but it is very light in the Kehena area, and visa-a-versa. At this time of heavy volcanic emissions, SO2 readings should be taken several times a day in all locations.

Nowhere in Puna Makai is there any place to evacuate to. Emergency shelters can be created quickly by converting designated schools and community center areas to airtight rooms with vinyl velcro windows and portable air filter and air conditioning machines.
Funding is available through FEMA and Homeland Security Grant programs.

The cocoanut wireless is saying that Hawaii is the next Katrina. Is this life threatening situation being allowed to escalate in order to create enough panic to justify the evacuation of the whole island that will then could be turned over to the military/industrial complex? I ask you to consider this testimony when discussing the solution to this problem and very important Act.

I ask that the Legislature take serious thought to include Lower Puna in all of these bills.

Lau lima,
Emily I. Naeole


Like I Said Earlier: Contra-Flow 0… Shoulder Lane 1

I’m not sure what the big fuss is about with this latest announcement that Contra-Flows aren’t going to fly… at least right now.  It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Back in September, I blogged about the State quick-fix project to use the shoulder lane.   The State told us then that Contra-flowing was not going to be possible.

Of note something that will be happening soon. The Shoulder lane that is used in the mornings from 6-8 AM are going to be opened up for 24 hour usage

In today’s Hawaii Tribune, it talks about how Councilwoman Naeole is now thinking twice about the meeting:

…”We can’t seem to get the state people to come,” she (Naeole) said of Department of Transportation administrators. “No sense we have the meeting, and they not there…”

What I don’t understand, is that Emily has known about the quick-fix shoulder project for quite some time as she is a member of the KPAG group.

At the last meeting in front of the State people, she mentioned this resolution to have a contra-flow, however, the State people just kind of blew her off like nothing was going to be done with the resolution.

We have met at least 5 times now with “State Officials” regarding the H-130 traffic.

Why is the STATE not listening to are needs?  Our own council lady is making resolutions that won’t even be heard by State Reps.

That’s ok… at least I know I wasn’t hearing things wrong 5 months ago.  It is a bit of waste of money attempting to do things that you already know aren’t going to work in the long run.

“Morioka said the DOT plans to convert the morning shoulder lane into a permanent lane and widen the road to create a Pahoa-bound shoulder lane for use during evening rush hour.”

Is anyone listening to what I previously stated on my blog?… Once again back in September I said:

Of note something that will be happening soon. The Shoulder lane that is used in the mornings from 6-8 AM are going to be opened up for 24 hour usage

Folks… we just have to get used to the STATE over riding most of what we want at county level.

Council Lady Naeole Talks About Her Recent Trip to Washington DC… Video


Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide RJ Hampton Talks About Her Recent Washington DC Trip… Video