“Hi Fellow Smoke Inhalers” – A Letter From a Smoked Out Kona Resident

Aerial view of the Kealakekua Ranch fire

The County of Hawaii is not putting out the South Kona fires. As of 8am this morning they didn’t even have any fire fighters on the scene. Please call your officials and ask, plead, or demand as your mood dictates that these fires not only be contained but also be put out. This experiment in our health needs to come to an end.

The county is pleading that there is a lack of resources so if you have time for more than one phone call, include the state in your efforts to get some attention for South Kona.

I talked to Civil Defense and to the Mayor’s office this morning, and their phone numbers are 935-0031 and 961-8211, respectively. Let us see if we can’t make as much noise as the fireworks did on New Year’s Eve.

Aloha, Emily Burt