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State of Hawaii Sues “Dog the Bounty Hunter”

Attorney General Doug Chin announced today that his office has filed petitions to enforce judgments against Da Kine Bail Bonds, Inc. (Da Kine) and Safety National Casualty Corporation (Safety) for forfeited bail bonds those companies failed to pay to the State of Hawaii (State).

Click to read legal filing

Click to read legal filing

Da Kine owes the State thirty-five thousand five hundred dollars ($35,500) from 21 separate criminal cases. Duane “Dog” Chapman is the president and director of Da Kine.

Safety is the surety that is obligated to pay if Da Kine defaults. Attorney General Doug Chin said “Bail bond companies promise to pay us when their clients skip court. Simply put, if they don’t pay we have to hunt down that money.”

Bail is a financial arrangement that a bail bonding agency makes on behalf of a criminal defendant. A bail bonding agency works with the court to have a defendant released from jail pending trial in exchange for money or collateral. This collateral can be in the form of cash, assets, or a bond. The bail agency is then responsible for ensuring that the defendant arrives in court on the day of trial. If the defendant does not appear in court, the court may forfeit the bond and the entire bail amount must be paid to the court by the bail bonding agency.

Today’s action against Da Kine and Safety resulted from a joint effort by the State Judiciary and the Department of the Attorney General to sue various bail bond companies in Hawaii for non-payment of forfeiture of bail bonds. Other bail bond companies are also being reviewed. Of the bail bond companies that the Judiciary and Attorney General have looked into, seven paid the Judiciary approximately seven-hundred thousand dollars ($700,000) upon receiving notice. Those companies are not subject to today’s action.

A hearing date of August 17, 2016 has been set by the Circuit Court. Hearing dates for the Family Court and District Court have not yet been determined.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Answers Questions About the Cancellation of His A&E Show

Recently Arts & Entertainment (A&E) decided to drop one of it’s longest running shows, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Mayor Billy Kenoi and Beth and Duane Chapman meet up at the Hilo Airport

The folks that handle the publicity for both Duane and Beth Chapman released the following question and answers regarding the cancellation of the show and what is up and coming for the Chapman’s.

Dog and his wife Beth, Courtesy of A&E Television Network

1) Was the show cancelled because of members leaving the team ?


2) How is the Family?

The family is doing well. The drama was last year and things are much better

3) Is Dog retiring ?

No, not a chance.

4) Does the family still Bounty Hunt with out A&E filming?

Yes, they still do frequently

5) Has Dog signed with another network ?

Nothing to announce there

6) Are Dog and Beth okay?

Dog and Beth are both doing well and enjoying time with their kids.

7) Would the Chapmans have done Season 9?

Yes, they were looking forward to letting fans know things have changed and relationships are healing

8) Does Leland speak with them?

Yes, things are fine between them.

9) When do the new seasons play outside North America?

Please ask your local network

10) Are fans speaking out about the cancellation by A&E?

Yes there is a petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/a-e-television-network-bring-back-dog-the-bounty-hunter?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition and a Fan page with ideas at www.dogsupporter.wordpress.com

11) Did the Chapmans quit the show ?

No, the network chose to end negotiations and walk away.

12) Where can I see Dog and Beth in person ?

All events are listed at http://www.dogthebountyhunter.com/FanClub/Events.aspx

Mayor Kenoi and Dog the Bounty Hunter

Ok… Mayor Kenoi runs across celebrities all the time… most of the times they are planned meetings.

Well today he just ran into Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.

Mayor Kenoi wrote on his Facebook site:

I ran into Beth Chapman and Dog Chapman from DOG The Bounty Hunter on A&E at the Hilo Airport! Awesome people. Aloha!

Dog the Bounty Hunter Appearing on The Rosie Show Tomorrow

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER stars Duane & Beth Chapman will be appearing on THE ROSIE SHOW tomorrow, as guests of their long-time friend, host Rosie O’Donnell, as follows:

Duane & Beth Chapman on THE ROSIE SHOW (OWN)
Friday, December 9, 2011
Premiering at 7:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Central/5:00 p.m. Hawaii
Repeat airings scheduled.  Check your local listings.

Dog and his wife Beth, Courtesy of A&E Television Network

“Dog” and Beth share news about Season 8 of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER (A&E), and the latest in their personal lives.

“We had a blast,” said Beth Chapman. “Chicago was chilly, but it was beautiful and we had so much fun!!”

“We hope all of our fans tune in,” said Duane Chapman.  “I think they’ll really enjoy the show.”

O’Donnell has been a fan of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER since it debuted, and often referenced the show in past television appearances.  She Tweeted last week, “I’m watchin last nite’s Hawaii 5-0 it’d be cool to see Dog and Beth roll up and pull the bad guy out of the truck.”

THE ROSIE SHOW airs weeknights at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. Central (5 p.m. Hawaii Time).  See more at www.oprah.com/rosie/rosie.html.

The world’s most famous bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, comes back in Season 8, premiering January 4, 2012, to give fans action-packed, high-stakes hunts from Hawaii to Colorado, tracking down fugitives alongside his wife Beth and fearless family-based posse.  DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER Season 8 will air 9 P.M. ET/8 P.M. Central on A&E.

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Maui Police Withdraw Subpoena Requesting Blog Commenters IP Addresses

I mentioned previously “that if the police ever asked me to turn over the IP addresses of anyone whoever commented on my site I would tell em to go to hell!”…  Looks like the Maui Police Department realized they don’t have any case against the MauiTimes.

The Maui Police Department has withdrawn a grand jury subpoena that sought to force a Wailuku publisher to reveal information about his newspaper’s online commenters.

Maui Time Publisher Tommy Russo had invoked Hawaii’s journalist shield law in opposing the subpoena, which ordered the weekly newspaper to provide subscriber information, billing records, Internet protocol addresses and physical addresses for comments posted on the paper’s website over a 24-hour period.

The comments related to a story by the paper which included a video of Russo apparently being struck in the face by a Maui police officer. One online commenter wrote that the officer “needs a bullet when he walks out his door…”

More Here: Police Withdraw Subpoena, Say Online Commenter ID’d

Maui Police … Trying to Act Like “Big Brothers”

Last month, I blogged about Tommy Russo’s run in with Dog the Bounty Hunter and the Maui Police in my post Maui Police Rough Up MauiTimes Publisher Over Dog the Bounty Hunter Incident.

Well it turns out the Maui Police are really overstepping their boundaries and they have subpoenaed the IP addresses of folks that made comments on the MauiTimes website over a 24 hour period of time.

Larry Geller over at Disappeared News writes:

If the report of the original incident is accurate, Maui police are badly in need of an education. Generally, police may not prevent a citizen, whether a reporter, blogger, or ordinary shmo, from photographing them from a public vantage point as they go about their business (this is one of he issues in the MauiTime article which attracted the comment in question). They also may not gather IP addresses, which can be used to identify persons who access a website, on a whim. In our society, unfortunately, police are seldom held accountable when they themselves break the law.

There seem to be a few things Maui police need to learn about the first amendment at least. As a blogger I was glad to learn that MauiTime publisher Tommy Russo will fight the subpoena.

I have to say that if the police ever asked me to turn over the IP addresses of anyone whoever commented on my site I would tell em to go to hell!

Bloggers are protected in the State of Hawaii via the Journalism Shield laws and we do not have to cite our sources of information and/or turnover to police IP Addresses of folks that comment on our site.

The Hawaii Legislature has passed a two-year extension of a law protecting journalists from having to reveal sources or unpublished information in court….

…Hawaii’s journalist shield law is stronger than those in most other states because it also protects online bloggers.  Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have permanent shield laws.

Maui Police Rough Up MauiTime Publisher Over Dog The Bounty Hunter Incident

Tommy Russo, the publisher of the MauiTime, has stated that he was assaulted by the Maui Police Department while he was trying to film Dog the Bounty Hunter in action on a public street.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

The MauiTimes Challenges the Dog to Release Footage of the incident

On the evening of April 12, I was assaulted by a member of reality star Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman‘s security team. Soon after, I was assaulted again, and had my First Amendment rights violated, by a member of the Maui Police Department

You can see video of the incident here:

Russo has also now challenged “Dog the Bounty Hunter” to release his footage of the incident:

I challenge Dog and his crew to release their video footage of the events.

Bottom line: because I attempted the completely legal act of recording on public property I was shoved, hit, had my property taken and was prevented from accessing emergency services. Once “help” arrived, I was further assaulted and had my Constitutional rights violated.

You can view the full article here: MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo Assaulted by MPD.

I still don’t understand why police don’t think we can photograph them in public?