Selection Process for Vacant Hawaii State Senate Seat, District 1

From the Hawaii County Democrats Website:


On December 6, 2010, Senator Dwight Takamine resigned his position as Hawaii State Senator from Senate District 1. Hawaii State Law requires the political party of the outgoing office holder to select and forward three names to the Governor from which he selects the person to fill the vacancy.

All members of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, who have been members of the Party for at least six months and reside in Senate District 1, are eligible to apply to be considered for the position.

Senate Seat Selection Meeting

The Senate Seat Selection meeting is set for Sunday, December 19, 2010, 1:00-5:00 p.m., at Laupahoehoe High School band room.

Criteria to participate in this meeting is set forth in the Constitution of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, Section 12B, which states, “The respective officers of the Precinct Clubs and District Councils affected shall select the candidates if the vacancy is for an office representing a State Senate District.”

At the meeting, applicants for the Senate Seat vacancy will have an opportunity to discuss their qualifications with the selection body.

At the conclusion of the meeting, secret balloting will be conducted as follows:

  • There will be three rounds of balloting, one round for each of the three names to be submitted to the Governor for consideration.
  • For each round of balloting, each precinct will caucus and decide, from the field of applicants, on one applicant’s name they want to put forward for that round of balloting.

Please note that the ad hoc State Senate Seat Selection Planning Committee, which was charged with developing this current selection process, has decided that each District Chair will caucus with his or her own precinct; there will be no “super delegate” balloting status for District Chairs and District Council members.

Final Selection

The names of the three top vote getters will be forwarded to the Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, who will in turn forward those names on to the Governor for consideration. The Governor will make the final selection.


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