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Are We Safer Now Then 10 Years Ago?… Poll

We all know the correlation between the tanking economy and rising crime rates.

When I moved from the Big Island to Oahu about 15 years ago, I noticed that the police record in the local papers only had about 5-10 names in them each day.  Now that I have moved back to the Big Island,  it seems like every time I check the police report, there is at least 20 plus names listed for various things.

Of course on Oahu, there are so many crimes being committed each and every hour,  they could never list all the names in a paper format.

So I ask… do you feel safer now then you did 10 years ago in general?

[polldaddy poll=”1361742″]

Follow Up to the Island Trust Break-In… Bike Patrol to Start in Pahoa

Five days ago I blogged about the Pahoa Branch of Island Trust Real Estate being broken into.

Pahoa Branch of Island Trust Properties

Pahoa Branch of Island Trust Properties

This follows the Christmas Eve burglaries of several Pahoa town businesses.

Two good news items to follow up on this.

I received the following email from the owner of Island Trust:

“…The police finally called me back about the break-in (it took ’em 6 days..)
According to the officer, it seems that there was some event happening at Shaka’s, and a witness saw two “males” kick the door in. The witness called the cops and they showed up and actually arrested one of the guys.
He was a 17-year old juvenile, and he was booked and released. He has to appear in Family Court for it. The total for the damage / repair was almost $800…

I appreciate the follow-up on the incident and it’s good to know that this was a random incident that was not apparently related to the other burglaries.

The other good news.

I attended the Pahoa Main Street Association meeting last night, and it was mentioned that a Bike Patrol would soon be started up using funds from the federal “Weed and Seed” program.

I forgot to ask who would be running the program, but after a follow up email, I learned that the Police Department will be running it.

It was almost three years ago that US Attorney gave Pahoa $175,000 for the weed and seed program.

Another look back at the announcement by US Attorney Ed Kubo can be found here.

I sure hope the Bike Patrol works and that it is good use of the funds.  I know of a bunch of people who would just love to ride around the town at night for probably a third of what the officers will be making. :roll:

I’m not sure when it’s going to be starting up… but don’t be shocked to see police officers riding bikes around 24 hours a day now.


Frank Janto Sentencing Now on Video

BIVN has done it again:

“A 22 year old cold case has finally found closure today, as Frank Janto was sentenced to life in prison for the 1987 fatal stabbing of Rose Chiquita in Hilo…”

More AND video of sentencing here.

*Update* Pahoa Town Getting Ripped Off… Thieves Make Hole in Cash and Carry Roof Last Night!


John Burnett has an excellent report in today’s Tribune Herald.


In the last week, three businesses have been ripped off and Cash and Carry just had an attempted burglary last night!

We need to catch these effing punks!

I stopped by Rudedogg Tattoo today to discuss with the owner about the recent ripoffs, however, he wasn’t in so I snapped a few pictures and talked to the crew that was in the store at the time.


The workers inside the shop mentioned that the burglars attempted to pry open the window on the left side of the door and were unable to, however, they were able to pry open the window on the right side.

Marks left on right side of window

Marks left on right side of window

They took most of the crews equipment and the only thing keeping the shop in business is some of the personal supplies of the workers themselves.  The crooks apparently weren’t interested in the nice chair.


The crew in the shop, mentioned that one of the workers truck was stolen from right out in front of the business less then two weeks ago, but the truck was later recovered…”Without the help of police”.


Jan’s Barbershop was also a victim of this latest crime spree, although I didn’t get to speak to the owner for long.


Luquins Restaurant was also targeted.  My understanding is that Liquor was taken, but I forgot to ask the bartender what else was taken.


And just last night, Pahoa Cash and Carry was the victim of an attempted break-in.


When I was talking to one of the managers that opened the store this morning, she said the thieves attempted to break in through the ceiling around 3:00 in the morning, however, there were painters that just happened to be inside the store working at night, so the thieves didn’t actually get into the store as the painters scared them off.

Hole in ceiling of Pahoa Cash and Carry leading to the roof of the building.

Hole in ceiling of Pahoa Cash and Carry leading to the roof of the building.

After talking to a few people in the above establishments, it is known that there is a video of at least one of these break-ins.

If I’m able to obtain a copy… I’ll post a copy of the alleged thieves here.

It’s a Big Island… but word travels fast.  Lets get these bastards!

New Police Chief on Violating Personal Rights

Just saw this interesting article in the Starbulletin:

…He (new police Chief Kubojiri) also said he would be “as transparent as possible without violating anyone’s personal rights or the law…”

Maybe I should discuss the post office incident with him?

Police Looking For Ronsten Andrade


Click Picture for Police Report on Missing Teen

Click Picture for Police Report on Missing Teen

Big Island Police are looking for this punk  for various crimes throughout the Puna area.   He may be armed and dangerous.  Call 911 if you see him.

Another Pahoa Town Business Broken Into

A few days ago, I blogged about the town of Pahoa getting ripped off.

I just got word this morning that another Pahoa Town business was broken into.

Island Trust Properties, Pahoa Branch

Island Trust Properties, Pahoa Branch

The Pahoa Branch of Island Trust Properties was broken into apparently around 11:30 last night.

Damage to Wall

Damage to Wall

I received an email from the owner of Island Trust and I immediately went over to take pictures.

Inside of Door

Inside of Door

When I arrived at Island Trust this morning, a worker was already working on repairing the damage and getting the door fixed.


“…Apparently a ‘passerby’ contacted the police last night about 11:30 pm and they went out and made a report (but didn’t attempt to contact me or anyone else…)….instead, one of my agents discovered the smashed front door this morning and called me...”  The Owner of Island Trust said.

Damage to Door

Damage to Door

The front door may need to be replaced, but fortunately the nice stained glassed window on the door can be salvaged.

I went inside and talked to one of the agents.  It did not appear that anything was taken at first glance and there was no real sign of any ransacking or anything.

I noticed a slash in the screen on the window, but apparently that happened previously.

Rip in Screen Window

Rip in Screen Window

I’m glad that the business is relatively safe other then some cosmetic damages.

It’s pissing me off that Pahoa Town is getting hit up like this!

Poinography on Yoshimoto’s Road Rage Ordinance… Charley Foster with Answer

If you haven’t already read the article about Yoshimoto’s proposed ordinance on road rage, you can read that here.

A tougher law to deal with Big Island road rage incidents may be considered by the Hawaii County Council early next year…

But I really recommend that you read the blog at Poinography as he asks the question:

Can Hawaii County create a felony by ordinance?

Well if you read attorney Charley Foster’s comment below the thread… you get your answer:

It looks like counties are not authorized to assess felony penalties for violations of their ordinances.

Under HRS §46-1.5 General powers and limitation of the counties –
(13) Each county shall have the power to enact ordinances deemed necessary to protect health, life, and property, and to preserve the order and security of the county and its inhabitants on any subject or matter not inconsistent with, or tending to defeat, the intent of any state statute where the statute does not disclose an express or implied intent that the statute shall be exclusive or uniform throughout the State;

(14) Each county shall have the power to:
(D) Fix a penalty for the violation of any ordinance, which penalty may be a misdemeanor, petty misdemeanor, or violation as defined by general law.

(Note: A “violation” does not constitute a crime and conviction of a violation authorizes no other sentence than a fine, or fine and forfeiture or other civil penalty. §701-107 Grades and classes of offenses).

Waikiki… Again?

When I lived on Oahu, I used to always cruise Waikiki just to get a good walk in.  I lived across the Ala Wai canal and I would typically cross the Ala Wai and then cruise Kalakaua all the way to the zoo and then walk back up Kuhio Blvd.  I wish I would have had a camera with me back then.  There is so much crazy stuff that happens pretty much nightly that never makes the news.

Now that there are more and more people with cell phone cameras, digital cameras, and the ability to upload their clips to the internet, more and more people are uploading clips caught on their tourist trips to Hawaii.

Here is a clip I just noticed this morning that happened last night.  I thought the cop was about to run over the guy!

This guy just stood on the middle of the road yelling nonsense while stopping traffic for a good 20min+ The cops finally came and he did nothing! What’s all the yelling for? I seriously thought he was gonna try and book it”


Getting Support From Other Bloggers on Police Incident… Mahalo

The other day I blogged about my incident at the Pahoa Post Office.

I have received numerous support through email, comments on my blog, as well as in person about the situation that occurred Christmas Eve.

What is even more interesting, is the way other bloggers have actually blogged about the incident in ways that I could never fathom.

Oahu Blogger Ian Lind says “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Kauai Attorney, Charley Foster, asked the same question I did “Is it illegal to take pictures outside federal buildings.

Editor and Publisher of Parx News Net writes about my situation like it’s a script straight out of  CSI in “Tracking Trouble“.   However, from reading his blog, it does seem that he likes to be hypocritical of the police often.

I really appreciate the support from everyone on this issue.

It was never my intention to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I hope the police understand the rights of us citizens.

I’m still contemplating filing a report with the police commission and Mayor Kenoi’s office.

Thanks once again to the other bloggers who are also sticking their neck out on the line to report about things… It’s not like I was trying to make an issue… I only became an issue and that’s not what my intent was.

The Email UH Hilo Students Received After Detonations on Campus

Hat tip to Canspice:

Two more “small” explosions occurred early this morning (1 AM) on UH-Hilo’s Main Campus. One was in the dorm area, and another by Life Sciences/PB13-14 area. There were no injuries and no property damage.

A third un-exploded devise was found by Life Sciences/PB13-14. This has been closed off by Hawaii County Police, and NO ONE is allowed to enter this area. Explosive experts have been contacted and expect to be on campus around 8:30 this morning to remove this devise. Once the “All Clear” is given, this area will again be accessible, and the barriades will be taken down.


These devises are dangerous when they explode, and make a loud “bang”. If you see any “suspicious” bottles, DO NOT DISTURB IT, AND CALL CAMPUS SECURITY IMMEDIATELY AT 974-7911. If you have any seen anything or anyone or have any information regarding these devises, please call Campus Security.

Thank you and stay safe.

“Puna News” Investigating Rumor of Alleged Shutdown

I just picked up a copy of the Vol. 8, No. 6 issue of the “Puna News” and at the bottom of the front page it gives an apology for being late in getting out to the community this month.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the HawaiiFreePress was no longer going to be running a print issue.  I hope no one reading my blog  mistook that posting for the “Puna News”.

From the Puna News in regards to why they were late to the stands this month (sorry no website available):

…However, what happened was not caused by shipping delays, late submissions, broken presses or any of the other things which sometimes plague a small paper.  Rather it was caused by the intentional mischievous or malicious act of another who advised our printer that the Puna News had gone out of business and would no longer be publishing.  Of course this required the resetting of print schedules as press time is always tentative, precious, and costly and when the paper reaches the printer, totally unexpectedly, we had to fit into an already full schedule.

This was done by someone, for whatever reason, is unconscionable and/or extremely poor business practice, and is being investigated

That seems a bit strange… I hope they follow up with this and let us know who, why and the eventual outcome of their investigation.

False Report… But Who is This Guy?

I noticed a cropped picture on Hawaii24/7 from a Police report and I knew that I knew the guy from somewhere.

I was just trying to figure out where from.

…Officers made contact with the caller, who initially provided a false name to police. He was identified as Phillip Luceano Colleoni and was arrested for the false reporting case…

So who is this Phillip “Luceano” Colleoni?

(Click Pictures for larger version)


Phllip “Tom Cruise” Colleoni?


Phillip “Yanni” Colleoni


Yep… This is our false reporter from Kona

Phillip “Luceano”  Colleoni

Mayors Assistant Still Writing For the Advertiser? Reflection on Big Island Murder Case

I just noticed this article in today’s Honolulu Advertiser written by Mayor Kenoi’s current East Hawaii Executive Assistant and former Advertiser reporter, Kevin Dayton.

I’m not sure if the Advertiser is just reprinting it or if this was recently written.  I guess he could have also written it a while back and it’s only taken until now for the Advertiser to finally publish it.

It says:


Click HERE


Today, Governor Lingle and Public Safety Director Clayton Frank will hold a news conference to announce a new program that will provide crime victims with accurate and real-time information about offenders incarcerated in the state correctional system or on parole.  The program is being funded through a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Suspect” or “Person of Interest” – Mackenzie Park Clarification

Geez people… Tiffany Edwards thinks I’m gonna feel like an ass for presuming things.

I apologize in advance if I previously stated that Randrup’s father was a “Suspect” in his disapearrance.

Someone else with much more media knowledge then me suggested I change the title to something other then “Suspect” until more facts are given.

Well the Honolulu Advertiser has headlined there article as:

Puna Murder SUSPECT in Honolulu Hospital

So before anyone else jumps on me… let me just say, that all I know at this point is that he is still just a “person of interest”.

I’m just adding a little words from my gut instincts to some of the press releases that have been put out there already.

MacKenzie Case Gets Weirder… Father Found in Car Wreck a Couple Days Ago

Ok this MacKenzie killing is getting weirder by the moment.

Police have called off the hunt for his father:

The Hawaii Police Department has called off the search for Randal K. Randrup.  The 60-year-old Puna man was involved in a one-car traffic crash on Hawaii Belt Road in Captain Cook at 9 a.m. Saturday (December 13). He was transported to The Queens Medical Center on Oahu and is confined in critical condition. At the time of the crash, he was operating the 1968 Volkswagen van being sought in this case…

More Here

Father is “Person of Interest” in MacKenzie Killing”

I mentioned yesterday about all the unsolved murders that have happened at MacKenzie park.

This one looks like it might be solved soon, as the father is a person of interest in the slaying.

I hate it when there are family tragedies around holidays.   While the father is only a  “person of interest” at this time, I would hate to think that any father could kill his own son.

Randall K. Randrup

Randall K. Randrup

Hilo Criminal Investigation Section Detectives are looking for the father of a 27-year-old man found dead along the Puna Coastline Friday afternoon. Randal K. Randrup, 60, of Leilani Estates was last seen Friday afternoon in Keaau.

He is described as Caucasian, 6-feet tall, 175 pounds with greyish-brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen operating a 1968 tan Volkswagen van, license plate number HHW 848. Police have not been able to contact Randal Randrup, who resided with his son prior to the discovery of the body. The body of Hans Christian Randrup, 27, was found on the shoreline area of Mackenzie State Park. The body sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Police are calling Randall Randrup a person of interest in this case. They ask that caution be used should Randrup be seen and that Police be notified immediately.

Police ask that anyone with information about this case call Detective Rio Amon-Wilkins at 961-2386 or the Police Department’s non-emergency line at 935-3311. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

MacKenzie State Park… Park of the Unsolved Murders

If anyone has been to Mackenzie State Park, they know how isolated it is.

There are no real bathroom facilities no lifeguards and no pay phones around.

Another murder happened there this week.

Hans Christian Randrup’s murder, is the third murder in or near the park that has not been solved as of yet that I have heard of.

Dr. Philip Wolsk, 28, was found bludgeoned to death in his tent at MacKenzie on April 24, 1980. He’d been camping there with his fiancee, who was badly injured in the attack. The killers were never identified.

Sequoya Vargas, a 16-year-old Puna girl, was thrown over a cliff near the park the night of Aug. 22, 1993, after being sexually assaulted by three men…Vargas’ body was never found…

Sequoia Vargas

Sequoya Vargas

This is a STATE Park and yet we have all these unsolved murders happening.  Not a good sign.

Speaking of signs, I haven’t driven past MacKenzie Park in awhile… has the State ever put up a new official state sign… or does this one that Hunter Bishop took a picture of still exist down there?  Talk about State facilities getting run down… they can’t even fix a sign!


“My Chances of Being A Victim in Pahoa”… 1 in 216

The Big Island Chronicle recently wrote a blog about crime in Puna.

Police: Why Are The Thugs Being Left To Rule in response to the recent murders that we have had here in Pahoa and Puna.

Many of us feel safe here in our little corner of paradise, however statistically we are not as safe here in Pahoa, as we would be in other parts of Hawaii according to the the website neighborhood scout.

There was this murder that happened at MacKenzie State park the other day and just a month ago someone was assaulted and later died next to the fire station in downtown Pahoa.

I’ve heard stories of back in the days when Puna was much more violent then it is now.  I take it all for granted, knowing that I very rarely frequent spots where a crime may occur.

According to this site (Which I don’t know how accurate it is), it states that people in Pahoa have a 1 in 216 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

This statistic is much higher then the rest of the State at 1 in 392 chances of being a victim.

More on the site here:

Violent Crime Comparison per 1000 residents.