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How Martin Luther King Directly Affected My Life… Tucker vs. Tucker Circa 1975

Today is Martin Luther King Day and many people reflect upon this day in many different ways.  Back in the late 1960’s it was very uncommon for a black man and a white woman to become involved in a relationship and it was even more unheard of for a black man and a white woman to get married and have kids.

Martin Luther King inspired many folks to break barriers that probably wouldn’t have been done and my white mom and my black father did just that and in 1969 fell in love and I was a product of their relationship and eventual marriage.

While their love for each other began to fall apart in the early 1970’s and divorce became eminent… both of their love for me as their child lead to a long and lengthy custody battle.

At one point during this custody battle… they were going to give possession of me to my father since I was half black… and the courts at the time felt that I would be brought up better in a “Black Society” then a “White Society”.

In the long run… the courts came to their senses and decided that a multi-racial child should not necessarily go to the parent of any given race… the child should go to the best fit parent and my mom gained custody of me.

Here is the final page of the appellate courts decision on my case… as you can see… race was definitely a factor in me growing up all of my life from the time I was born.

My father would eventually would meet another woman (also white) and I have two half brothers from that relationship that only until recently… I had lost contact with.

It’s actually pretty funny here in Hawaii being half black and half white as everyone just thinks I’m a “local”… until I open my mouth and don’t speak much local pidgin.