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Freaky Friday – Centipede Devours Coqui Frog

Well this is rather odd… I saw this picture on facebook and it made me cringe.  This centipede is devouring the coqui frog.

Photo by Dirk Taylor

You know in this case… I kind of wish the coqui frogs weren’t the prey… but the PREDATOR!

The Pacific Chorus Frog Likes Cold Temperature… What’s Up Cuz… Coqui!

Anyone that has been reading my blog knows how much these damn coqui frogs have been irritating me since I’ve moved back to the Big Island.

Looks like these buggahs have a weather resistant cousin:

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says Pacific Chorus frogs are being found in Christmas trees that were sold around Anchorage in the past couple of weeks…

More here: State Warns About Non-Native Frogs in Christmas Trees

The Chorus Frog... a Coqui Cousin?

Frogs may be delivered alive or may be euthanized by placing oragel anesthetic on top of the head, or placed in your freezer in a freezer bag or other plastic container until you are able to transport it to the above location.

Video Proof That Lizards Eat Coqui Frogs in the Wild

A while back I posted a video of a gecko attacking coqui frogs and this was in a controlled environment.

AlaskaSteven made the following comment:

Interesting, indeed. Seems like this question could be answered fairly easily but to be a fair test the coqui would need to be small enough for the gecko to ingest and the gecko would need to be “as per usual” with regard to access to other food sources, not starved. The natural experiment is probably happening all over Puna, all the time. Has anyone observed the outcome firsthand?

If it turns out geckos do eat coquis then I wonder if a predator-prey population cycle like that between lynx and snowshoe hares will eventually come to pass?

Well this morning I went outside and I noticed this lizard was attacking this coqui frog so I grabbed my camera and was able to capture the following before it ran off with the frog (Note frog in mouth around the :15 second mark):


Coqui Eggs for Breakfast?

I woke up this morning and saw this little pile of goo on top of a garbage bag outside my place.

coqui eggs 001

Upon closer examination, I’m going to assume they are were coqui eggs.

coqui eggs 002

*Update* Proof That Rats Eat Coqui Frogs


Cartoon Courtesy of Tom Lackey

coqui complaint

The Daytime Coqui Frogs

Ok, so recently I learned that it’s only the male coqui frogs that are making all this racket here on the islands.  Of course it’s their mating call.  Maybe they should be called Horny Coqui’s.

The thing I don’t understand, is from reading many websites and looking for information on them, it says that they only really make their croaks/chirps or whatever you want to call them in the evening.

I say they are coming out earlier and earlier in the daytime.  Could coquis adapt to Hawaii’s environment in such a way that we end up listening to these pesky buggahs all the time?

This video was shot at about 4:00 today and I definitely hear a few coquis.  It only gets louder as the evening goes on.  Of course I live in an area that has a pretty bad population of them.


Syd Singer Crashes Guava Control Meeting

Sid Singer Crashes the Meeting: Click For Video

Syd Singer Crashes the Meeting: Click For Video

Syd Singer is a very passionate guy when it comes to many things.

While I’m totally against them releasing a bug to control strawberry guava…

I’m even more against Mr. Singer running a coqui sanctuary!

I hate these dang Coquis much more then the Guava Trees.

Click here to see a video of Mr. Singer crash the Biocontrol meeting that happened the other day courtesy of Big Island Video News.

Town Meeting on Coqui Frogs Held

Go figure… Big Island has the big problem… Oahu has the Town Meeting on them:


The coqui frogs are in Hawaii Kai. Representative Ward holds a Town Meeting on Coqui Frogs. The Powerpoint presentation is presented by Chelsea Arnott of the Oahu Invasive Species Council; and Domingo Carvalho, State Dept of Agriculture, Quarrantine Division. Repentative Clift Tsuji also tell of his experience with Coqui frogs on the Big Island.

Whatever Happened to the Fly that Eats Coqui Eggs?

So what ever happened to these flies that were supposed to save the Big Island from these coqui frogs more then six years ago?  I think there is an “Old Lady” to be held responsible.

In a July 2003 Honolulu Weekly article by Patricia Tummons, she reports:

…A fungal disease, chytridiomycosis, that has devastated vulnerable frog populations across the world is a possible biocontrol agent for coqui. Another might be a type of fly that eats coqui eggs in Puerto Rico. The species is already in Hawai‘i, said Arnold Hara of the University of Hawai‘i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, “and may only need some time to begin infesting coqui eggs…”

Is there some lady around that’s swallowing flies?

I Don’t know why she swallowed the fly… perhaps she’ll die.