Highway 130… What’s Wrong With This Picture

So what’s wrong with this picture?


Well if you look on the left, you will see a guy cruising down the side of the road of the incoming traffic on a scooter going 35 MPH down Highway 130.

Both bicycles and scooters have to ride this way in the morning currently because with the open shoulder traffic on the town bound land from 6 am – 8 am, they would get crushed and only piss off drivers that got stuck behind them.

There are a couple of bridges that these guys must wait for oncoming traffic just to get across the bridge w/out worrying about a car smashing them.

Here is a closer look at what is happening to these poor fellows:


The guy on the scooter better hope that none of the cars  goes over the line, as we all  have at some time when weren’t paying the upmost attention.

H-130 Contraflow Resolution Ammended to Draft and Adopted

I’ve been a bit busy trying to keep up with the council meetings, but from what I just read, at the Council Meeting yesterday, it looks like they have approved a resolution to try and get H130 Contra-flowed during peak hours.

Res 768-088

Urges the Department of Transportation to Create a Reversible or Counterflow Lane During Peak Commute Hours on Highway 130 at the Bottleneck Near Keaau High School {A reversible lane is used to route traffic in one direction during the morning rush hour the opposite direction in the afternoon or evening and as a turning lane at most other times.}


AYES: Council Members Enriques, Ford, Greenwell, Hoffmann, Ikeda, Naeole, Onishi, Yagong and Chair Yoshimoto.
NOES: None

Just because the county has adopted this resolution, my understanding is that it still has to be approved by the State.

From what I have heard at the H-130 Meetings that I have participated in, the State doesn’t seem to be too interested in Contra flowing H130 at this time.

I hope they will change their mind as obviously our own Council thinks it’s worthy of a try.

Like I Said Earlier: Contra-Flow 0… Shoulder Lane 1

I’m not sure what the big fuss is about with this latest announcement that Contra-Flows aren’t going to fly… at least right now.  It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Back in September, I blogged about the State quick-fix project to use the shoulder lane.   The State told us then that Contra-flowing was not going to be possible.

Of note something that will be happening soon. The Shoulder lane that is used in the mornings from 6-8 AM are going to be opened up for 24 hour usage

In today’s Hawaii Tribune, it talks about how Councilwoman Naeole is now thinking twice about the meeting:

…”We can’t seem to get the state people to come,” she (Naeole) said of Department of Transportation administrators. “No sense we have the meeting, and they not there…”

What I don’t understand, is that Emily has known about the quick-fix shoulder project for quite some time as she is a member of the KPAG group.

At the last meeting in front of the State people, she mentioned this resolution to have a contra-flow, however, the State people just kind of blew her off like nothing was going to be done with the resolution.

We have met at least 5 times now with “State Officials” regarding the H-130 traffic.

Why is the STATE not listening to are needs?  Our own council lady is making resolutions that won’t even be heard by State Reps.

That’s ok… at least I know I wasn’t hearing things wrong 5 months ago.  It is a bit of waste of money attempting to do things that you already know aren’t going to work in the long run.

“Morioka said the DOT plans to convert the morning shoulder lane into a permanent lane and widen the road to create a Pahoa-bound shoulder lane for use during evening rush hour.”

Is anyone listening to what I previously stated on my blog?… Once again back in September I said:

Of note something that will be happening soon. The Shoulder lane that is used in the mornings from 6-8 AM are going to be opened up for 24 hour usage

Folks… we just have to get used to the STATE over riding most of what we want at county level.