Another Victim Comes Forward Against Lava Shack Manager

Recently a lot of negative attention has been bestowed upon the Lava Shack in Pahoa following an incident where the owner, Christopher Mohrlang (CJ), assaulted a one-legged homeless man.

Chris Mohrlang

On March 24th of this year I received the following personal message from 50-year-old Dan Vargas:

Hi Damon, I came across your article covering Lava Lounge in Pahoa. I had an altercation at the First Hawaiian Bank ATM with the manager and his buddy. Do you have any idea how to contact the owner who I believe is on another Island. Your help will be appreciated (Pahoa PD Chavez pending charges) Mahalo Dan Vargas (925) ***-****

Well this recent incident with the homeless man getting assaulted had Vargas sending me the following private message yesterday:

I’m sorry I didn’t press charges against CJ and the other guy who assaulted me at the First Hawaiian Bank ATM in March after leaving Lava Shack. I went to the police station that night with my cab driver who helped me fend off CJ and his buddy. My eye was scratched, shirt ripped and pushed over railing onto the sidewalk, defended myself until my cabbie arrived. CJ is a punk and the police have the video of him assaulting me. I am new to town and didn’t want to pursue charges but I wish I did. Apparently CJ has a history of violence.

I asked Vargas if I could publish this on my site and he replied:

Sure, I’m 50 years old and fended off two 30 year-old drunk-high-on-meth guys that night. CJ was on meth in a rage and kept coming at me. Pahoa PD have First Hawaiian Bank video so if it helps establish John’s case I’ll show up and testify.

Pahoa Man Charged With Two Offenses in Connection to Assault of Homeless One-Legged Man

A Pāhoa man has been charged with two offenses in connection with an assault on a man in a wheelchair.

Chris Mohrlang

Chris Mohrlang

In response to a 10:46 a.m. call on June 7, police determined that a 57-year-old man had been assaulted in Pāhoa Town at 1:16 a.m. The victim, who uses a wheelchair, has no permanent address but frequents the Pāhoa Town area.

Investigation led to the identity of the suspect as 35-year-old Christopher Mohrlang of Pāhoa.

Friday morning (June 17), Mohrlang turned himself in to police at the Pāhoa police station. He was charged with two counts of third-degree assault and then released from police custody after posting $1,000 bail.