Do the Best You Can, Pfft… I Did!

Local Athletes and the Census


A Census Message Received in My Grocery Bag Today

Beat… But Not Broken

Well today began my first day of Census Training.  Spent the majority of the day at one site where we had a large turn-out then traveled to a couple other sites… only to realize the site I started at was actually the one that would need the most help.

Started this morning at 5:30 am… ended at 7:30 pm.

I’m beat… but not broken.

Tomorrow I have to make a run across the island… so that will be a nice little down time to myself for awhile.

Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers, Blogs and the 2010 Census

I find myself a bit perplexed at times in where the direction of content and things will go at times on my blog.

Obviously newspapers are dying out real quick as my blog gets more page visits then the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I’ve had my blog longer then I’ve been a member of facebook or twitter, and while they are great for meeting new folks and driving folks to your site… do you lose focus on what you really want to do with your own blog by getting wrapped up in so many other social media things.

I’ve never depended on anything but myself to promote my blog, however, there are many tools I could add to this site so folks could send it off to other social media sites.

Does it become a sell out when you start using tools to promote your site other then yourself?  I don’t think so.  I’ve just been behind the scene on things.

We have a lot to offer on the Big Island… for the next few months I will be the supervisor for the East Hawaii section of the Big Island for the 2010 census.

I’ll still be able to blog about everything I’m doing… I just need to keep confidential stuff confidential.

It will be interesting watching the local newspapers print stuff  that might not be true like they have in the past regarding the census.

I’ll cut back my blogging for the time being, and my training doesn’t begin on Oahu for another 8 days still yet.

Look forward to doing my best.

Back at the Bureau

So for those two readers of my blog that follow my blog, you may remember that I did Census Canvassing for a few months and it turned out to be quite an experience.

I didn't read the "Print Name" until I finished the first letter of my name

I didn't read the "Print Name" until I finished the first letter of my name

I was called at the end of July to take a Supervisors test that is for the Census operation that will be taking place at the beginning of this year, but in the meantime, I got called back a few weeks ago to start training for another phase of the 2010 Census and the training started today.

The Hawaii Tribune had an article about the Census recently and it was totally filled with mis-information… but the guy who wrote it is an OK guy so I won’t give Peter Sur too much grief about it.

Any rate, we are going back into field operations again next week in what is called the Group Quarters Validation segment of the 2010 Decennial Census.  Where we will be working with the Prisons, Hospitals, and other places where people live in “Group Quarters”.

Because of the confidentiality involved in the process, I can’t really talk to much about what we are doing or how we will be operating during this segment of the Census.

I was quite happy to see 5 others that were part of my previous group of co-workers back to be part of this segment.

Census Supervisor… Who Knows?

As the two readers of this blog may remember, I worked for the Census Bureau for a few months doing address canvassing where I stumbled across quite a variety of living arrangements.

Yesterday, I got called back to do testing for a “Supervisor” position for the actual Census that will be taking place.

I took the test today with 11 others and we will find out the results “later“.  The test was much more difficult then the last test I took…  which I did quite well getting 27 out of 28 questions correct.

So of course being the pain in the ass that I am… I had a few questions.

When is later? MARCH OF NEXT YEAR was my answer I got… so goes it.

The job pays $20.00 bucks an hour and if selected… the training will be on Oahu or on the mainland.

I remember when I first applied for the Census Bureau back in October of last year, I didn’t think I would get the position despite having a high score.

Well that would be cool if I did get this job in the future… but what would be even cooler is if I landed a better job sooner!