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    May 2019
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Mayor Kenoi Urges Council to Scrap Budget Ammendments

*Note… Tonights meeting was pretty frustrating for me… as I had received the budget proposal in advance and even posted the information on my blog about it a few weeks ago. I raised my hand at the beginning of questioning… and kept raising it throughout questioning… I finally up and left in disgust asking Mayor Kenoi’s aide Hunter Bishop to come outside with me where I told him I was not happy that I was not being called upon.

Mayor Kenoi talks about the budget at tonights community meeting in Pahoa

From the Mayors Office:

Mayor Billy Kenoi today expressed disappointment with budget amendments offered by minority members of the Hawai`i County Council, pointing out that these Council members want to raise tipping and other fees that will hurt small businesses and consumers. Other misguided proposals by some Council members would reject grant funding now flowing into the County to pay for activities such as issuing disabled parking permits or providing airborne emergency medical evacuations.

“Many of these last-minute proposals make no sense, and demonstrate that some on the Council don’t understand how to cut the budget while preserving public safety and essential services,” Mayor Kenoi said. “Refusing grant money that helps to fund medical evacuations or pays for disabled parking passes that benefit thousands of County residents does nothing to balance the budget. These proposals by Council members would eliminate important services for our residents while actually reducing the flow of money into County coffers. That is no help to anyone.”

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