Salvage Company to Removed Grounded Sailboat from Magic Island… Total Loss

Salvage removal company Vessel Assist has been hired to remove a 35’ fiberglass sailboat, “FSOW” that ran aground about 2 p.m. Wednesday on the rocks off Magic Island. The vessel’s owner, who had a temporary mooring permit at Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, was in the harbor entrance channel when the engine lost power, and the boat went aground.

In addition to the vessel owner, Jessica Appel, there was a male passenger and a dog aboard. The owner sustained scratches and was taken by county EMS responders to a hospital for observation. The male passenger also sustained scratches but did not go to the hospital. The dog was reported in good condition.

The vessel had aboard about two gallons of fuel in a portable container which will be removed. No fluids were released.

According to DLNR’s Oahu boating district manager, Meghan Statts, the vessel had insurance and the company hired Vessel Assist to immediately begin removal of the vessel. This work is anticipated to possibly take three to four days.

The public is advised to keep away from the boat for safety while salvage operators are working, and because swells may move the boat in a hazardous way.