Blue Angels to Fly at “Wings Over the Pacific” Air Show

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam “Wings Over the Pacific” Air Show featuring the Blue Angels, U.S. Navy’s world-famous flight demonstration squadron.
blue angels
The Blue Angels flight demonstration will use the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, to exhibit the choreographed refinement of skills possessed by all naval aviators on Sept. 27 & 28, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Hickam Field on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.

The Leap Frogs, the United States Navy Parachute Team will also perform, and there will be demonstrations by Blue Angels C-130 Hercules support aircraft affectionately known as “Fat Albert” and a C-17.  “Wings Over the Pacific” will offer static displays of vintage and modern aircraft, food booths and an Xtreme Fun Zone for the kids featuring rides, games and more.  The show is free and open to the general public. Security restrictions will be in place.  For more information visit

Meet the Blue Angels
Navy Capt. Stan Keeve, commander of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, said “On behalf of our Navy and Air Force community, I invite you to join our `ohana for this great event.  We think you will be entertained by the Blue Angels and other air show performers, and you will have an opportunity to see static displays of a variety of aircraft.”

“Members of our armed services are forward-deployed around the world today – dedicated to supporting our freedoms.  As you enjoy the air show, please keep this in mind as you witness firsthand the dedication, integrity and professionalism of your service members.”

Blue Angels

The mission of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is to showcase the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and inspire a culture of excellence and service to country by conducting flight demonstrations and community outreach.  For more information:

Kaneohe Bay Airshow Coming Up in September – 100th Anniversary of Marine Corps Aviation

A couple years ago I got to get up and close to the Blue Angels during the Kaneohe Bay Airshow “Media  Day and practice run through.  I wish I could get a ride in one of the buggahs!

The folks that invited me were trying to arrange for a ride in the Blue Angels “Fat Albert” but that didn’t work out.

But flying in a C-17 to the Big Island and back from Oahu certainly was cool and the Navy typically has one of those on the ground to explore and check out during the airshow.

I actually got to sit in the cockpit of this buggah as we were landing in Kona!

Join Marine Corps Base Hawaii as they celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Marine Corps Aviation at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.


General admission is free and preferred seating tickets are on sale now. Visit our site often as content is added daily. We look forward to seeing you at the Kaneohe Bay Airshow — September 29-30, 2012.

Top 10 Adventures in 2010… Honorable Mentions

Before announcing the final two top adventures I had the opportunity to go on this year,  I thought I would list some honorable mentions!

I really tried to go on at least one adventure each month this year and sometimes found myself going on more.  However, I only gave myself a top 10 list so here are some of the honorable mentions.

– Having the opportunity to cover the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships was pretty cool… I only give this an honorable mention because I really didn’t do much traveling for this and it came here.

Orlando Duque looks off the Red Bull Platform

– Checking out the Honoka’a Peace Parade and Staying at the Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast was a nice weekend retreat!

The Hawaiian Delegation marches through the parade

Here’s a short video from the Waianuhea Inn:


– While my trip to California was more of a work related thing… I did have fun at Magic Mountain with my brother when I was there.

X-2 The Ride

– I’ve got to include my stays at the Hilton Waikoloa Village as some of my great adventures!

Not tall enough for the waterslide yet

– Of course most of the times when I go to Oahu… I stay at the Waikiki Resort Hotel so I gotta give them thanks as well!

– I have to say that Ziplining this year with a group of media folks at Big Island Eco Adventure was a blast as well!

Ziplining at Big Island Eco Adventures

– Of course my trip to Vegas was an adventure… although it was a costly one!

Viva Las Vegas

Getting a first hand look at the US Navy’s Blue Angels was pretty cool… although I’m bummed I didn’t get to go up in one of them!

I’m sure I missed a few other adventures I’ve taken this year but I can always change this post later.

Stay tuned for my top two adventures tomorrow!

My Pearl Harbor Memories

Well today is considered “Pearl Harbor Day” and we all know what happened that fateful day.

This has been an interesting year for me as I got to join a few others on some exercises that the military did and most of them were at or around Pearl Harbor.

My way of commemorating today will be to put this little post together of the experiences I got to have!  So here are my Pearl Harbor memories from this past year.

It all began over a year ago when I had the opportunity to meet one of the most powerful men I have ever met, The Commander of the Pacific Command, Admiral Willard.

I was too nervous to do anything other then shake his hand and I certainly didn’t want to ask any questions that might have gotten me in trouble!

I guess this event went over well enough so they then invited me go Out to Sea on the Navy Destroyer USS Chung-Hoon.

This was pretty spectacular as I didn’t know a submarine would show up out of nowhere!

Since I got a bit sea-sick on the USS Chung-Hoon, I guess it was the Navy’s way of making sure I didn’t get sick on another trip by bringing me aboard the USS Mercy for a tour of the worlds largest trauma centers… and it floats!

Despite what you may think… we were pretty free to take pictures of most the things we saw on these events!

After the tour of the USS Mercy a couple months later, I got the opportunity to go up in a C-17 and fly from Oahu to the Big Island for a simulated mission.

During the flight they opened the back and did some simulated air drops.  Then the next thing you know they had some F-17’s that were simulating an attack on the plane!

It was cool because when they landed in Kona… they actually let me sit in the cockpit!

It felt weird flying to Kona and then landing… and then taking off again… but that’s just what we did and we returned to Oahu.

The following day I did something that just totally blew my mind… and that was getting the chance to Land on the Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan and getting Catapulted off out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!.

This was pretty cool as I actually got to sit in the Commander’s Chair!

When we first landed we missed the chain that was suppose to catch our plane so we gunned it off the end and made another pass around and then landed safely.  That wasn’t near as exciting as getting catapulted off though!

And while most of the things listed above happened on or near Pearl Harbor… the most recent thing I was able to attend courtesy of the Navy was the practice day at the Kaneohe Air Show where we got to get up close and personal w/ Blue Angels!

So while many people may have bad memories about Pearl Harbor… I certainly can say that all my memories of the place have been pretty spectacular!

Blue Angels Coming Back to Hawaii