When Blogging Becomes Your Job… or NOT!

I’ve had a few people ask me why I removed a few blogs from the FBI Blog site.

I will reiterate that the FBI Blog site was set up for folks who want to post their own thoughts.  Not thoughts of others, not thoughts that could be paid for, and not thoughts that are sponsored.

When you start accepting money from folks and then allow them to post on your site… it becomes a very slippery slope that becomes a very difficult turn to get back to the reality of the world of blogging your own thoughts without pissing off sponsors.

People then ask… Well you have ads on your blog does that create a conflict of interest?

Well of course I have ads on my blog… it’s my blog!  However, I don’t blog about things other then things that interest me.  If my advertisers/sponsors choose to quit advertising on my blog then so be it!

My blog has always been my blog… and not something to profit from.  Now that it has more then 3 readers a day… I figure I could make my blog a win/win situation while I’m unemployed now.

I certainly can’t take cash for anything… as I’d hate for my blog to become a job.  My blog is a hobby!

I will say it once again…  I will not allow random google ads, and I will not suffice what I blog about because of my advertisers.

I’m currently working with Hawaii Nui Brewing to create a “Sponsorship” of this blog so that I can give free beer away to friends that drink it and keep a full fridge for myself when I choose to put a brew down.

So if you start reading me talking bullshit about Budweiser, Miller Lite, and Coors and talking good stuff about our local beers… you will know why!

I feel 100% positive about adding sponsors to my blog and not taking cash for putting their ad on my blog.

I’m a big believer in social networking and I think the Big Island has a lot to give to this world.

I’m willing to work with any local company during this economic downturn to help local companies increase their profits.  I believe it’s a win/win situation.

Farmers markets around the world are based on bartering systems.

Think local, support local, buy local… but go GLOBAL!

Click per ad… bah humbug!

Give something away you like to do… hopefully something will come back in return.  If you don’t give… you won’t receive.

Think about it folks… My blog is my blog… I don’t have to open up my “Diary of Thoughts” to the world.  I have chosen to do it… my as well get compensated for some of my stupid thoughts… even if it’s a beer or two!

Mahalo to Hawaii Nui Brewing for becoming a “Sponsor” of my blog.

Some folks think that writing a blog and then getting people to link to your site and then click on your ad is the way to go for advertising.

I’ve always felt… be honest… write what you know… speak from  your heart and just do what you want to do.

If you blog to get paid… it isn’t going to work.

Be yourself and look global.