Only in Puna

So this is a continuation of my “Only in Puna” posts of pictures that you won’t see anywhere else besides Puna.

Today’s feature is also another car I saw in Pahoa Town:

papayas 006

I’m the type of guy that won’t even put a bumper sticker on my car… so when I see these cars… I am very intrigued.

papayas 007

You can’t really see it that well in this picture, but Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s surf shop has some free advertising on this car.  (Note the black Jeff Hunt Surf Sticker on the window).

I’m still waiting to see some “Blog With Aloha” bumper stickers start to pop up on cars around town.  I have seen them in a few shop windows.  Still waiting for that first car I see to say… “Hey… I recognize that bumper sticker… That’s Tiff’s Blog”