Open Letter to Department of Public Works Spokeswoman Noelani Whittington

Ms. Whittington, thank you for insulting Aaron, Dave and Myself with your little knowledge of our backgrounds in today’s article written by Jason Armstrong in the Tribune Herald.

“In crafting the policy, Whittington said she drew a distinction between bloggers with professional backgrounds and “citizen journalists” lacking that experience.”

I guess you just assume some of us lack experience because we blog in a blogging format and not in the traditional news sense?

Here is just a little of my Experience… Sorry I got out of the field more then a decade ago and switched to Education:

1 Year Advertising Manager on Mainland
1 Year Lay-Out Editor (Hilo)
2 Years Reporting (Mainland/Hilo)
1 Year Writing Press Releases for the State Legislature.

(Five years in media getting paid and 6 months blogging for nothing and now your threatened? I knew I was limited to write what I wanted when working for others… but didn’t realize I could scare county officials by blogging on my own!)

Whittington needs to figure out which bloggers have experience or not before opening her trap… and secondly… what does it matter whether someone has experience or not…It’s public information that you were trying to keep from us bloggers? Give me a break!

Whittington said she might have been very busy when first interviewed occurred Feb. 19. “Sometimes it takes me a minute to focus,” she said.

Geez… Oops!

“When asked how DPW officials now respond to bloggers’ requests for information, Whittington said, “I have no idea.”

I myself have never asked DPW for any information. Any information that I have found on them… was already published. I don’t have some “Deep Throat” working for me at your office lady… get a grip!

I know you don’t know who I am… but had it not been for my father-in-law telling me that you are an OK person (and yes you do know him)… You would have ended up on my Smuck list.