Honolulu and Big Island “On the Cheap” Says Aloha

I noticed a few days ago that it appears that Kris Bordessa and Leslie Lang, the folks behind Honolulu on the Cheap and Big Island on the Cheap have posted a post stating that they were moving on and this was their last post!

…As you can imagine, running the websites and sharing these daily deals takes time. Our schedules continue to be full with other work projects, to the point where it’s clear that something’s gotta give. It is with regret that we close our virtual doors as of today

I’ll miss these sites, but I’m sure that knowing both of them… I think they may have something up there sleeves even better then what the “On the Cheap” sites were.

I’m going to leave the site up on my site and the FBI Blogs for at least another week in case they change their minds!

Which leads me to my other thought that I’ve thinking about lately… is how much time should a person devote to things other then themselves at times?  You can give so much… but if you never see anything in return… then it’s like the old saying “When the Pain Exceeds the Pleasure… It’s time to Push On!”

I haven’t put much time into the FBI Blogs of late simply because I’ve been waiting for it to get automated.  I think I’m gonna have to rev up the conversation with those involved with that again soon enough!

Especially as we see things like The Civil Beat finally giving away there news without requiring folks to pay for things.  I wonder what there profit model will be now?

Any billionaires want to sponsor the FBI Blogs?

Free Merrie Monarch E-Book Available

Media Release:

Big Island On The Cheap is pleased to announce that its FREE e-book, which is entitled “Merrie Monarch Side Trips” and includes coupons and discounts from Big Island retailers and other businesses, is now available for download.

“We decided to gather up information for people who are coming here to the Big Island for the Merrie Monarch hula festival, and make it available all in one place,” said Leslie Lang, co-owner of Big Island On The Cheap. “We put together a guide with half- and full-day excursions for people who will be visiting our island and want some ideas of what else there is to see and do.” The popular Hilo hula festival takes place on April 4-10 this year.

The e-book offers commentary, history, photos and directions to such popular destinations as Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, Hilo’s museums, Akaka Falls, and even a little background on the “Merrie Monarch” (King David Kalakaua) himself.

“This free e-book is a great resource for people visiting the island for Merrie Monarch, or residents with friends or family staying with them during the festival – or for anybody who’d like a round-up of interesting things to do around Hilo,” said Big Island On The Cheap co-owner Kris Bordessa. “And the coupons are great, too. You don’t have to be attending Merrie Monarch to take advantage of the coupons; or the side trips, for that matter.”

To receive the free e-book, simply email BigIslandOnTheCheap@gmail.com.

Big Island On The Cheap – along with its sister site, Honolulu On The Cheap (www.honoluluonthecheap.com) – is an online source of discount, cheap and free deals on the island, such as lodging, food, entertainment and more. New deals are posted several times a day, five to six times per week, and subscriptions are available via RSS feed or email. The site is owned and operated by Big Island writers Kris Bordessa and Leslie Lang.

Kris Bordessa writes for national magazines, websites, and business clients. She is also the author of several books and the mother of two teens. The books were easier, she says. Leslie Lang is a business writer, and also writes books and magazine articles. She lives in the country with her family and keeps chickens.

Both On The Cheap sites are members of the national network of Cities On The Cheap, which has been featured in Woman’s Day, Executive Travel, MSN Money’s Smart Spending, World Hum, by Arthur Frommer and more.

Don’t Enter This Contest… Let Me Win!

Big Island on the Cheap is having a contest giving away the following vase made by Michael and Misato Mortara :



And if you do enter and win… you know where to send it for a few bucks!

Mauna Kea Book Up for Grabs in Latest Cheap Contest

Big Island Author/Writer/Blogger Leslie Lang has offered up a copy of her book that she co-wrote with David Byrne for the latest Big Island on the Cheap Contest.

Latest Contest Prize Over at Big Island on the Cheap

Latest Contest Prize Over at Big Island on the Cheap

There are two ways to enter to win this book … Complete contest details

Entries must be received by midnight, Hawai‘i time on March 21, 2009.

More here


It’s my understanding that @AndyBumatai will be drawing the winners on his Late Night with Andy Bumatai Show on the 24th.

I’m Cheap… I Want This Lantern

Big Island On The Cheap is offering up this nice Hand Crafted Lantern from High Fire Hawaii today as part of their opening week giveaways:


I guess I have to link the post get a second chance at winning… although this will probabaly decrease my chance of winning… I guess I need to play by the rules.

To enter a chance at this lamp… DON’T FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and forget you even saw this post.

But if you must compete against me for this lamp… you can do so by clicking here.

More about High Fire Hawaii:

Exceptional ceramic art, handcrafted from earth and fire.

Paintings, prints and photographs that capture the beauty of our island home.

At High Fire Hawaii we design and create exceptional examples of contemporary art.

Each piece is designed and crafted by local artists who have invested years of study, training and dedication to their craft.

Our artists have refined each step of the creative process, allowing them to vividly express their understanding and appreciation of the raw materials and fundamental forces that are the essence of art and nature.

Each piece is a unique interpretation of the natural forces which have formed our planet and which continue to shape our island home. In nature, Earth and Fire define our environment.

114 Haili St. Hilo, HI 96720 Ph: (808) 935-8380
Email: info@highfirehawaii.com


Launch Party… “Big Island on the Cheap” Giving Away Prizes

Today is the official “Launch” of the  Big Island on the Cheap website that I have been featuring in the right column.

Every day for a week we’ll post a new giveaway, so keep checking back. Enter from anywhere in the U.S.; prizes will be mailed. You can also earn an extra entry in one of the contests by subscribing via email or feed, and then you’ll never miss a Big Island On The Cheap deal.

So check out Big Island on the Cheap and try to win yourself a free prize this week.

*COUGH* Wheres my prize for being the first subscriber to your feed.