Wayne Joseph Just Keeps on Running

If you haven’t stopped by Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph’s new blog lately, I suggest you stop by every once in a while.

While he is still learning the ins and outs of blogging while posting a few of his older articles that were published in the Tribune Herald, I noticed a few times he adds snippets to the bottom of things that are upcoming.

I mentioned the other day about the Big Dog 5k run/walk/jog that is happening on Saturday, March 7th a few days ago.

Today, he posted the blog “March Events – Health & Fitness” where he talks about the following things that are coming up.  (Check out his blog for more details on each.)

  • MARCH 8 – The Malama Mile
  • MARCH 20 – Friendship 5K Run/Walk
  • MARCH 21 – Health & Fitness Expo
  • MARCH 22 – Big Island International Marathon, half-marathon and 5K run/walk.
  • EVERY TUESDAY – Waiakea High School all weather track is open to the public from 4 to 6 p.m
  • EVERY WEDNESDAY – Running with the Big Dog segment of the Josh Pacheco Show on ESPN Radio AM 850 starting at 11:30 a.m.


Former Hawaii County Board of Ethics Chairman Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph Starts Blogging

Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph has done just about everything one could do on the Big Island.


From serving as the Chair of the Hawaii County Board of Ethics, Coaching High School Athletics,  Working as the  Vice Chair of Government Commisions, Running for Political Office you name it… Mr. Joseph has probabaly done it… (Including running a Marathon!)

He currently is a member of the Big Island Road Runners Club:

Wayne Joseph (Front Center Kneeling)

Wayne Joseph (Front Center Kneeling)

Mr. Joseph is currently the Executive Director and Race Coordinator for the 12th Annual Big Island International Marathon that is coming up on March 22nd.

Now Mr. Joseph is taking on his biggest task ever… Blogger!

I can see that he just started blogging, so as it goes with all new bloggers, I’m sure he is just learning how to play with all the fancy buttons.

It looks like he is publishing articles from some of his old columns that were in the Hawaii Tribune, which is great, because for many of us like me… I never got to read them the first time they were published.  The damn Tribune charges for it’s archives so now we all get the chance to read something we may have missed or didn’t catch the first time.

And for those people that live elsewhere in the world, they can now read about Big Island Running events as well as check out some of Mr. Joseph’s old Columns.

I look forward to reading his blog and keeping up with some of his older stories and columns he has posted as well as some of the new ones that I’m sure he will start posting soon enough.

So check it out… I’m adding his blog to my ‘Roll now… I hope he keeps up the blogging cause we could sure use some more excellent writers on the Big Island.

The Wayne Joseph Blog