Mealani Taste of the Hawaiian Range Restaurants and Meat Cuts Selected

The 2013 Mealani Taste of the Hawaiian Range is coming up on Friday October 4th and the restaurants and the cut of meat each restaurant will be serving has been determined.

Mountain Oyster Pateles

Mountain Oyster “Pateles” (Pasteles) from the 2012 Taste of the Hawaiian Range (No… I didn’t try them)

Would you eat a Rocky Mountain Oyster from Mauna Kea Beach Hotel?  I’ve actually put a challenge out to folks on Facebook and have raised over $200 if I eat one and them post the video of it.

Meat is not the only thing that is on display at the Taste.  You can check out the Agriculture and Educational booths that will be present here.

Here is the list of the restaurants and the cuts of meat they will be serving:

Restaurant Meat Cut
Aloha Mondays Beef Tri-tip
Blue Dragon Restaurant Beef Tripe
Café Pesto – Hilo Beef Clod
Earl’s Beef Chuckroll
Four Seasons-Hualalai Beef Oxtail
Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel Beef Heart
Hawaii Community College – East Hawaii* Ground Beef
Hawaii Community College – West Hawaii* Beef Top Round
Hilton Waikoloa Village Beef Top Sirloin
Hualalai Resort Beef Skirt
Huggo’s Restaurant Ground Beef
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beef Cheek
Kohala Burger & Taco Beef Bottom Round
Kuhio Grille Beef Top Round
Lava Lava Beach Club Beef Clod
Mahina Café Kalua Pork
Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Beef Mt. Oysters
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows Feral Pork
Merriman’s Waimea Beef Eye of Round
North Hawaii Community Hospital Beef Bottom Round
Pagoda Restaurant Beef Shank
Pili Hawaii Beef Skirt
Pueo’s Osteria Lamb
Red Water Cafe Sirloin Tip
Roy’s Waikoloa Bar & Grill Goat
Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai Beef Flank
Sandi’s Drive In Ground Beef
Sansei Waikoloa Restaurant & Kamehameha Schools Beef Top Sirloin
Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa Commercial Port
The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii Beef Brisket
Tiki’s Grill & Bar Mutton
Tommy Bahama Mutton
Town Restaurant Lamb
Village Burger Beef Flap
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Hotel Feral Pork

17th Annual Taste of the Hawaiian Range – I Don’t Have Balls

Last night at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, the 17th Annual Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range took place under a spectacular West Hawaii sunset where more then 35 restaurants took part in a great event.

Kahu Danny Akaka Jr. Blessed the Festival and Mayor Kenoi cut the Maile allowing the public in to the 17th Annual Mealani Taste of the Hawaiian Range

The purpose of the Taste of the Hawaiian Range is to promote an educational venue to encourage and support local production of agricultural products through social, cultural and scientific exchanges featuring a diverse array of talents brought together for the purpose of developing an ethos of compatibility, tranquility and sustainability with this land we cohabitate.

Students learning about nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef.

Before the Taste even began students had an opportunity to attend educational seminars.  Joannie Dobbs gave a nutrition seminar, talking about the nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef.  After that seminar was over, folks moved over to the next Ballroom where they learned how to cook perfect Tri-Tip.

Perfect Tri-Tip

The Seminar on “How to Cook Grass-Fed Beef” with Chef James Babian was held to a full house!

Seminar – “How to Cook Grass-Fed Beef” with Chef James Babian

Around 5:00 Kumu Danny Akaka Jr. called everyone’s attention and officially blessed the festival and the food… then the VIP’s and the Media got a first hand chance to grind down on some of this food!

Kamehameha Schools – Beef (Steamship Round)

The booth that I personally liked the most was the Kamehameha Schools booth that were giving out Fajitas made with Steamship Round meat that had been cooking all day.


The booth that seemed to be real popular with the crowd in general had Food Network Star Ippy Aiona as one of the cooks at his booth set up by Solimenes Restaurant in Waimea.

Ippy Aiona takes a break from the grill

I noticed a crowd forming around the booth set up by Honolulu Burger Company as they appeared to be the first restaurant that was ready to put out food… however, I remembered what they were serving and I told myself I wouldn’t do it… as yes… those were the Mountain Oysters!

West Hawaii Today Journalist Chelsea Jensen sure is “nuts” for balls!

Many folks think this festival is all about the Big Island’s meat industry but in reality there was just as much agriculture related stuff as there were meat products.

Its not all about the meat! Mahalo “Kamuela Grown” for donating this produce to Hawaii Island Food Bank

While some folks called me chicken for not trying things like Mountain Oysters or the Beef Heart that was prepared by Aloha Mondays…

So this is what cooked beef heart looks like?

I did get my taste buds to try out cow tongue for the first time… and needless to say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

12th Ave Grill prepared beef tongue

Out of 35 restaurants that were present, I think I had plates from about 15-20 of them so needless to say I was full by the time I left there.  I have to say that another of my favorites that I had a couple plates from was the Hilton Waikoloa Villages preparation of Beef Brisket!

Beef Brisket from the Hilton Waikoloa

The Four Season’s Hualai selection of tri-tip was also a hit amongst people at the Taste.

Four Season’s Tri-Tip

Now that I think about it… there was one other thing that I didn’t try and it was more like I was avoiding it and that was the beef cheek that was served by the Fairmont Orchid.

Executive Sous Chef Stephen Rouelle offers me some cheek!

I asked the folks at the Taste how restaurants get picked to cook what part of the animal they do each year and I was told, “Our Meat Assignment Committee says they randomly assign meat cuts to different chefs, taking into consideration that chefs don’t get the same cut within a 10-year time frame. New chefs (8 this year) are worked into the mix and assigned one of 22 GFB cuts, or lamb, mutton, goat, feral or commercial pork.”

Out of all the tri-tips and sirloin tips and other cuts of meat that I had.. I really enjoyed the students from East Hawaii Community Colleges beef sirloin tip.

East Hawaii Community Colleges Sirloin Tips

I had never tried “Mutton” before, but  I heard it was good from someone and I bellied up and tried it.  Unfortunately it looks like I’m not a mutton guy!

Mutton from the Town Cafe

I’ve tried goat once before and didn’t really like it, the way that the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel cooked it as a slider made it taste better then the time I had tried it before.

Got Goat from the Mauna Lani Bay

I was getting pretty full by the time I got around to trying the feral pork that was being served Lechon style, but one thing I noticed, was that it did taste a bit more “gamey” then non feral pork but the taste wasn’t that noticeable.

This little piggy didn’t make it away from the cooks at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

My stomach could only eat so much meat in a few hours… so after having some soda and sitting for a while… I decided to get one last thing before I went up to my room and it was this slider made from beef flank from Village Burger.

I ended up taking this beef flank slider back to my room because I was too stuffed!

It was a great time had by all supporting island food sustainability.  You can find website links to many of the restaurants, food producers and educational displays that participated in this years Mealani Taste of the Hawaiian Range by visiting their website here:

Over 1,000 Folks Turn Out for the 16th Annual Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Friday night was the 16th Annual Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range and this was the first time that I had been invited to this event.

A Taste of the Hawaiian Range

I had no idea how huge this event was, until I walked into the Grand Ballroom earlier in the day and saw folks starting to set up for the event.

A Taste of the Hawaiian Range

This was just part of the inside floor room and there was more stuff set up outside.

While folks lined up outside of the ballroom entrance near the grand staircase…

Folks line up to get the first chance at some of the food booths

…At 5:00 they had a Pre-Taste for the VIP’s

Mayor Kenoi and his ohana

Mayor Kenoi and his wife and daughter

…and a media blessing of the foods and chefs.

Student Chefs from Hawaii Community College

Wholesale buyers and media had a pre-taste opportunity to meet the people growing and producing Hawai‘i’s food.

Big Island Food Guru Sonia Martinez was there to "Pig Out" as well. (I told you I would get you back Sonia! LOL)

Vendors represented a wide range of products….

Grown on the Big Island

Grown on the Big Island

Agricultural enterprise such as coffee, tea, honey, goat cheese, meat, produce, herbs and specialty items.

Goat cheese samples

Also at the expo were representatives of various agriculture-related associations and projects.

Poi Producer Jim Cain

At 6:00, Senator Hanohano, House Representative Mazie Hirono, Mayor Billy Kenoi opened the entrance…

Dan Akaka Jr. talks to Rep. Mazie Hirono before the maile cutting ceremony begins

While Dan Akaka Jr. blew the conch shell announcing the official opening of the Taste of the Range.

Mayor Kenoi and Senator Hanohano look on as Dan Akaka Jr. blows the conch opening the 2011 Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Hailing from Honolulu to Hilo and beyond to LA, nine new restaurants and their chefs participated joining together for a total of 35 culinary stations.

Eddie Aikau Restaurant and Surf Museum

The Eddie Aikau Restaurant and Surf Museum was present for their first year at the Taste of the Hawaiian Range.

They offered lots of forage-fed meats prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables.


I wonder if eating sheep helps you get to sleep if you count how much you eat?

Meats on the menu included a variety of dry-aged, grass-fed beef cuts-everything from tongue to tail… and well in between… Mountain Oyster Pateles!

Mountain Oyster Pateles

Mountain Oyster Pateles (No... I didn't try them)

Of course there was a whole mixture of other types of meat such as lamb, mutton, goat, pork and a wild boar.

Porky Pig

Porky Pig

New restaurants participating in this years Big Isle’s dining scenei included. Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai of Keauhou-Kona, and Kohala Burger & Taco in Kawaihae.

Kohala Burger & Taco in Kawaihae

The folks from Kohala Burger & Taco in Kawaihae

The day before I got to eat at Eddie Aikau Restaurant & Museum in Waikoloa and they were also there at the taste the next day.

Eddie Aikau Restaurant and Surf Museum Chefs

Eddie Aikau Restaurant and Surf Museum Chefs

Red Water Café in Waimea was also a new restaurant participating this year and I really enjoyed their samples of the sandwiches they made.

Roast Beef sandwiches by Red Water Inn

Roast Beef sandwiches by Red Water Cafe

The owner of Honolulu Burger Company on O’ahu was assigned grass-fed ground beef and he made Hamburger Lollipops.

Honolulu Burger Joint

Honolulu Burger Company

Other O’ahu eating establishments making their debut include the Pagoda Restaurant in Honolulu and ‘Umeke Market in Kahala.

Kim Chee Meatloaf from Umeke Market on Oahu

Kim Chee Meatloaf from 'Umeke Market on Oahu

I really had a great time there and I thank the folks that sponsored me to be able to go there and fill my opu (stomach) up!

Mealani A Taste of the Hawaiian Range provides a venue for sustainable agricultural education, encouragement and support of locally produced ag products. The premiere ag tourism event is a partnership between CTAHR,, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Association, Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council, Kulana Foods and community volunteers. Sponsorship also includes the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Hawaii County Research and Development, Big Island Resource Conservation & Development and KTA SuperStores.

16th Annual Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range Schedule

Next week TODAY, Friday, September 30th, the 16th Annual Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range will be taking place at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort.

Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Happy attendees enjoy the oxtail dish prepared by Chef Daniel Thiebaut at last year's Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Here is the schedule for the event:

1:30 PM Pork Industry Seminar – Location: Kohala 1 & 2

Geared for culinary students and food industry professionals.  Pork producer Lloyd Case joins Tom Asano of Hilo’s Kulana Foods and Hilton Waikoloa Village Executive Chef Charles Charbonneau to discuss the traditional cultural protocol and growing commercial use of feral and domestic hog in the Hawai‘i food service industry.

Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Don't miss Cooking Grass-Fed Beef 101 at 3 p.m.; last year's presenter was James Beard Award winner Chef Mavro

3 PM Seminar: “How to Cook Grass-Fed Beef 101” – Location: Kohala 3 & 4

This year’s staged cooking demonstration headlines two presenters. KTA’s Derek Kurisu of TV’s “Living in Paradise” and Chef Scott Hiraishi of Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai present tips for preparing and using forage-fed beef cuts. Open to the public, ticketed attendees receive take-away recipes. Derek, who founded KTA’s locally sourced Mountain Apple Brand, will demonstrate how to prepare Shortribs Delight and bone a chuckroll. Chef Hiraishi will detail how to deliciously use oxtail.

5 PM: Agriculture Festival Trade Show, Pre-Taste for VIPs and Media Blessing of Food and Chefs – Location: Grand Ballroom

Wholesale buyers and media have a pre-Taste opportunity to meet the people growing and producing Hawai‘i’s food. Vendors represent a wide range of products and  agricultural enterprise such as coffee, tea, honey, goat cheese, meat, produce, herbs and specialty items. Also at the expo are representatives of various agriculture-related associations and projects. Vendor and educational booths remain open during 6-8 p.m. Taste, with a blessing at 5:45 p.m.

Taste of the Hawaiian Range

Meet the local people who are growing our food, like Maureen Datta of Adaptations, at gaily decorated display booths.

6-8 PM: Mealani A Taste of the Hawaiian Range -Location: Grand Ballroom and Lagoon Lanai

35 top chefs dazzle ticketed diners during the Taste “grazing” extravaganza. Taste features heavy sampling of delectable dishes using local grass-fed beef, pork, wild boar, mutton, goat and lamb—plus a bounty of fresh, island-grown fruit and veggies. In addition, attendees talk story with Hawai‘i’s food producers at gaily-decorated vendor booths.

Tickets prices for the evening Taste and Cooking 101 demo are conveniently sold online at tickets remain priced at $40 presale and $60 at the door, while the fee for the cooking demo is $10. The above link also lists ticket sale locations.

The Hilton Waikoloa Village offers Taste of the Hawaiian Range Kama‘aina Room and Ticket Packages (code TST) starting at $229 plus tax for one night stay on Sept. 30 and two event tickets. Pre- or post-night accommodations are available starting from $149 per night (code MTH). Visit or phone 808-886-1234 and ask for the “Taste of the Hawaiian Room Deal” specials.