Dayblaze in Waikiki

I posted a clip awhile back of this base jump in Waikiki.

Here is a longer version taken by someone else.


The Last BASE Jump of the Year in Hawaii… “3, 2, 1… C-Yah”

One of my friends posted the following BASE Jump on youtube New Years Eve.  I thought the jump was scary… but wait till you see the dog that wanted to bite him at the end!

Ghost does his last BASE Jump of 2011

If your interested in learning how to BASE jump… I was told that Idaho is one of the places that it’s legal to learn how to BASE jump.  There is no such thing as tandem BASE jumping that I’ve heard of… so I sure hope you know how to BASE jump before you do it for the first time.


The last BASE Jump of the year [in Hawaii] for the Ghost on 12-30-11

Wordless Wednesday – BASE Jumping Hawaii “Best Video of the Year”

Some folks say I’m crazy for some of the things that I do here in Hawaii…. check out what a few of my friends have done!

This definitely goes down in my category for “Best Video of the Year” Award!

This is the first time I’ve seen this footage and it goes on my nomination list for the coolest video of the year!


Crazy Dude Jumping Off of Tall Buildings in Hawaii (BASE)

I don’t what to think of this crazy dude jumping off buildings in Hawaii.

It certainly can’t be legal: