Maui Man Attempts Temporal Displacement… Ends Up Getting Tasered

I just don’t know what to think of this idiot over on Maui that was speeding other then the fact that the movie “Back to the Future” was fiction dude!

The DeLorean in "Back to the Future" in a state of temporal displacement

According to Maui Police:

“…Police were alerted to multiple calls of reckless driving one morning with witnesses reporting a car nearly running over pedestrians and damaging at least one car as it sped up to 50mph over the 30mph speed limit.

When police finally caught up with the 54-year-old man from Indianapolis, he made it clear he wasn’t going to come quietly. A sharp dose from a taser soon changed his mind.

We were lucky that he didn’t kill anybody,” said Captain Tivoli Fauuma, who added that when asked why he was speeding back and forth along the roads, the driver explained he was “‘trying to reset the future, but he was not able to go fast enough to do that.’

“He said he does not respect authority and he only answers to God. He told officers he could destroy them in the blink of an eye…”

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