Virgin Airlines Coming to Honolulu and Neighbor Islands via Codeshare Agreement

More good news for the islands tourism industries.  Virgin Airlines is going to be flying here soon:

Virgin said on Friday it would place its airline code on Hawaiian’s flights from Sydney to Honolulu, as well as connecting services to surrounding islands of Maui, Kauai and The Big Island.

“Hawaii is a key tourist destination and this agreement will take us one step closer to obtaining global flight coverage for our guests,” Virginchief executive John Borghetti said in a statement.

The codeshare services start on October 31, 2011.

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Premier of South Australia’s Message to Me… Banning Plastic Bags in Australia

Just yesterday, I mentioned how Australia’s Government Officials were going to be using Twitter to announce official Government Business.  Well it looks like the Australian Government Officials actually communicate with the people on Twitter.  I’m not even an Australian resident and he’s twittering with me.  (Don’t think Barack, Lingle, or Kenoi… would ever do the same and they are local officials)

Australia is a leader in Zero Waste policies.


South Australia’s Premier Mike Rann (like a Governor I guess?) just tweeted me the following message:

@damontucker We have Zero Waste here. My Enviro adviser is from Hawaii. We’re banning plastic shopping bags here.

I hope I can continue this dialog between me and Premier Mike Rann.

I just sent him the following message:

@PremierMikeRann That is great news.The shopping bag ban is going through some heavy fights here in Hawaii… But Hopefully we get em banned

Australia: All Big Government Media Announcments to Go Out On Twitter First

RT @SteveCase Interesting news from So Australia RT @PremierMikeRann: From now on all big govt media announcements will go on twitter first!

Australian Officials to Use Phone Alert System Similar to Big Islands

The recent disaster of the Fires in Australia have lead officials to look back at the Big Island Phone Alert system.

In October of last year, the Big Island Civil Defense implemented a phone alert system throughout the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Hawai’i County Civil Defense Agency has just acquired a new Mass Emergency Notification System, which allows for County agencies to easily notify the public in the event of emergencies.

The City Watch is an electronic notification system that can notify residents about evacuations or other emergency measures via phone or email…

…The pilot stage of the project will be free to the County, and subsequent years the County will pay an annual fee of approximately $40,000. The system is used in numerous communities, notably in California amid the recent spate of wildfires…

KINGLAKE, Australia (AP) — The federal government said Thursday it will clear away hurdles that have stalled a nationwide fire alert telephone system, after thousands of people were caught by surprise by the most deadly wildfires in Australia’s history…
…Attorney General Robert McClelland said the plan had been raised in 2004 under the previous government, but state officials had failed to agree on details and no steps have been taken to change privacy laws that bar emergency services from accessing the national telephone number data base.

“Clearly a warning system would be useful,” McClelland told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. He said had advocated a system that sends a barrage of automated messages to all phones in a targeted geographic area since he saw a similar system in action in Hawaii

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