The Transit of Venus… The After Party

I’d like to personally say thanks to Andrew Cooper over at The Darker View for providing live commentary from the Keck Telescopes up on Mauna Kea today of the Transit of Venus.

I was truly watching the broadcast on and off all day and I think Cooper and the Keck’s coverage was much better then the actual NASA footage of the event.

If “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”… I’m wondering when it will be the guys day for some serious exposure?  All us Martians are pretty jealous of the Venutians!

Here are screen shots I took from the Keck Website today:



Snow in Hawaii in JUNE!

We have snow in Hawaii in June! I’m not sure if this has ever happened before, but this just seems crazy to me!

Andrew Cooper first mentioned it on Facebook and now the Mauna Kea Web Cams show the snow!

Current pictures of Mauna Kea's Web Cam's. Click for current views

A Darkerview on “Ziplinegate” Oh the IRONY!

Geez… I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself involved in… but I’ll be posting more comments on this entire situation going on with the possible lawsuit against my blog when I know more status about it.

In the meantime, I’ll throw the attention to the latest blogger to give attention to this matter and that is Andrew Cooper over at The Darker View where he states in his post “Blogging and Libel“:

“…The ironic part is that Damon had previously given a great deal of positive press to this operation. This top banner on his blog even features a photo of Damon riding the Umauma zipline!..”

Damn Andrew… you really know where to sock me in the gut huh? Just teasing as I’ve previously stated this is one of the best pictures of me taken ever!

I’ll be changing my header in the next few days due to the recent things that have happened in the last few days.

Keck Telescope: “Total Number of Stars in the Universe is Likely Three Times Bigger Than Realized”

Remember the phrase “There are more stars in the sky then grains of sand on the planet” well the amount of stars out there may be even more then what we first expected.

Big Island Blogger Andrew Cooper, who works up at the Keck Telescope,  reports:

Astronomers have discovered that small, dim stars known as red dwarfs are much more prolific than previously thought—so much so that the total number of stars in the universe is likely three times bigger than realized

Full release here: A Lot More Stars Out There

A Darker Twitterer

I just noticed that Andrew Cooper up over there at A Darker View has joined Twitter!

Now if I can just get the rest of the Island to join up I can quit blogging!

If you haven’t signed up for Twitter… don’t be like the government here on the island and be the last one to do so:


You can find Mr. Cooper here @darkerview although he just joined twitter and has yet to figure it out.  :razz:

That’s ok… some people have been on it for almost a month now… and think they have figured it out… but they haven’t just yet. :roll: