A Possible Solution to the Coqui Frog Problem on the Big Island

Everyone knows how much I hate these dang chirping coqui frogs that are so prevalent here in East Hawaii.

More then a year ago UH Hilo hired someone who was supposedly an expert on these things… but I haven’t seen any progress made.

I just read the following article, Tables Turn as Beetles Kill Toads & Frogs, and I’m wondering if this could be a possible solution to the problem?

…In a sick twist of fate, the beetles often like to get to know their meals before dinnertime; in the wild, the researchers frequently found the two sharing shelter during the day, before things turn deadly at night. The beetles aren’t picky eaters, either. They prey on amphibians of all types, from frogs and toads to newts and salamanders.

The beetle kills the amphibian by biting it on the back, to which the frog or toad reacts violently, trying to swing the beetle off. The beetle makes an incision in the amphibian’s back, which paralyzes it within a few minutes, then slowly devours it from the legs up, usually taking several hours to complete the meal…

I’m not one that likes to bring in non-native species normally… but to eradicate this damn coqui frog I would try anything!

So check out this video and see how the Epomis Beetle takes out a frog in less then 10 minutes!