Big Island Dog in Running for American Humane Association Hero Dog Award

A Big Island of Hawaii canine is in the running for a American Humane Association Hero Dog Award.

Arson Dog Kaimi

Arson Dog Kaimi

Kaimi’s handler writes:

As Kaimi’s handler and partner for the last 8 years I have had the privilege to work with such an amazing K9 partner. In 2008 Kaimi became the first Arson K9 in the State of Hawaii and continues to serve the state by fighting the crime of arson statewide. Kaimi has worked hundreds of fires where he has assisted investigators to determine the origin and cause of all types of fires (structure, wildland & vehicles) and has been key in the conviction of arsonists in Hawaii.

In one case Kaimi traced the presence of ignitable liquids from the fire scene to the neighbors residence, where he found the presence of ignitable liquids on the neighbor. After laboratory analysis it was confirmed that the ignitable liquids were all consistent and that the neighbor was guilty of the crime. Kaimi and I travel thousands of miles from Hawaii to the Mainland every year for our annual recertification.

Kaimi also loves children and does numerous public education events & demonstrations to teach children about fire safety and prevention. He has also partnered with organizations to help fight animal hunger in Hawaii County. Kaimi is an amazing partner and one of Hawaii’s Heroes! I humbly ask for your vote!

To vote for Kaimi you can click here (voting begins May 12th, 2016): American Humane Association Hero Dogs: Kaimi

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