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The Social Blade Show Where We Discussed the @AlohaArleen Scam

I just found out that the Social Blade Show that I was on regarding the bust of @AlohaArleen was uploaded to youtube and is now available for viewing:


I come in after they talk about the incident.

I’m amazed that she is still on Twitter and still has people following her each and everyday!

Stay on Top of Cop on Top

Media Release:

Don’t be surprised to see law enforcement taking to new heights when Special Olympics Hawai’i holds its ninth annual Cop on Top event. Starting April 29 – May 1, volunteer, off-duty police officers will mount 14-foot scaffolds at Safeway stores statewide, to raise funds for Special Olympics athletes. Officers will eat, sleep and collect donations from the top of scaffolds to raise donations and awareness for Special Olympics.

“Having an opportunity to represent our department in support of a great cause and sharing the experience with others makes me love the experience even more,” said Patricia Ann Doronila, Hawai’i Police Department officer and Special Olympics Hawai’i coach.

Last year’s event raised more than $210,000 for Hawai’i’s athletes and we hope to increase that number in 2010! Please be sure to stop by and show your support!

We are still looking for volunteers for this event to help create excitement and collect money on the ground, while our cops are on top! This is a fun event and children and families are welcome! All volunteers will receive a volunteer Cop on Top t-shirt! Please contact Cindy Ujimori at volunteers@specialolympicshawaii.org with the location and date/time you’d like to volunteer. Please include your t-shirt size and contact phone number.

Every swipe can help Special Olympics:

Sign up with eScrip and support Special Olympics Hawai’i each time you use your credit or debit card! When you shop at participating merchants between one percent to eight percent of your purchase will be donated to Special Olympics Hawai’i as well as your choice of a local area programs. Just click here to get started.

Please write in the group ID numbers for Special Olympics Hawai’i and any local area programs when selecting which organization to support. You may support up to three groups.

The codes for Special Olympics Hawaii include:
Special Olympics Hawaii: 141876984
Special Olympics Central/Honolulu: 141877019
Special Olympics Windward: 141877070
Special Olympics East Hawaii: 141877176
Special Olympics West Hawaii: 141877297
Special Olympics Maui: 141877223
Special Olympics Kauai: 141877330

Aloha Arleen… Your Account is Closed

Well I mentioned that a friend of mine on the Big Island had two checks written to him by @alohaarleen and he wasn’t able to get them cashed.

Folks have asked me, why the checks didn’t have a stamp on them.  As I tried to explain, he wasn’t able to get them processed directly at the bank.

Well it appears he finally just deposited them into a bank machine or something and he got the following back from the bank mentioning that her bank account IS CLOSED:



I see there is 12 checks written between the check numbers of the two of them… I wonder who else she ripped off?

The Salty Droid on @AlohaArleen

Aloha Arleen {and GoodBye} (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

Aloha Arleen {and GoodBye} (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

IZEAFEST… You’re the Best! Adios @AlohaArleen

So a few days ago I broke the news that @alohaarleen is a convicted criminal, a bad check writer, a bad tenant and just an overall scam.

@alohaarleen on Twitter

@alohaarleen on Twitter

I just got an email from someone connected to IZEAFest stating the following:

Hi Damon,

Thanks for reaching out to us.  Since finding out about this issue, we have severed all ties with Arleen and are in the process of removing any promotion of her from our sites.  We do not condone nor will we support this kind of behavior from any of our associates.

Thanks again for your concern.

All the Best,

Ain’t Karma a Bitch Arleen?

You can read the CEO of IZEAFest’s statement here:  IZEAFest Change of Speakers

Where’s the Aloha… Arleen (II)

Well I mentioned the other day that the infamous Twitter user named @alohaarleen scammed the Special Olympics organization of South Dakota, her Ex Boyfriend, as well as comedian @andybumatai.

Well today I was at the Big Island Internet Society Meet and Greet at Big Island Pizza and someone walked up to me and said… “You know what, AlohaArleen scammed me as well”.

He then showed me these two checks that he has not been able to cash:

Arleen Check 1

And this small check which was just to cover some basic expenses that he also cannot get cashed.

Arleen Check 2

After looking at the checks that were presented here on page 6 of this document and looking at the signatures, I have no doubt that it’s the same person.

I also have talked to a few other folks that have talked about how bogus she is.

Where’s the Aloha… Arleen?

Arleen Anderson AKA @AlohaArleen

Aloha Arleen Anderson

10/15/09 UPDATE:

Checks were presented to the bank again and the account is closed: