Aikido of Hilo to Host Acclaimed Buddhist Scholar John Steven

Aikido of Hilo will be hosting John Stevens Sensei for its annual Osensei Memorial Seminar on the weekend of April 26 and 27.  Stevens is a 7th degree black belt in aikido and a world-renowned master instructor.  He was a noted professor of Buddhist Studies at Tohoku Fukushi University, in Sendai, Japan and has written over 30 books on Aikido, Buddhism and Asian culture.  Stevens will teach aikido classes on both days at the Aikido of Hilo dojo located at 29 Shipman Street in Hilo.

Akido Teacher

The public is invited to a free public lecture on “The Life of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba and the Origins of Aikido” on Saturday at 3:00 pm as well as a Zenga (Zen brush art) class on Sunday at 3:00 pm.  Both events, taught by Stevens, will be at the Aikido of Hilo dojo.  The lecture is free and there is a $20 fee for the Zenga class.

Every year, aikido dojos around the world commemorate the passing of the Aikido Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, Osensei, which took place April 26, 1969.

Developed early in the 20th century, aikido principles were so profound and its martial art techniques so effective that there was tremendous public demand.  In the 1950s, aikido teachings were made public and have spread to become popular worldwide.

“Aikido is an art of peace and reconciliation. It’s important to have teachers like Stevens Sensei reinforce principles that we can all practice in the dojo and our daily lives”, said Aikido of Hilo Chief Instructor Barbara Klein.  For more information about the free public lecture, Zenga or taking aikido classes please call 935-2454.

Akido of Hilo Opens New Year with Traditional Japanese Kagami Biraki – “Opening the Mirror” Ceremony

Aikido of Hilo opened up the New Year with a traditional Japanese Kagami Biraki, “opening the mirror,” Ceremony. For many martial arts dojo the ceremony signifies their first practice of the New Year. Aikido of Hilo also used the ceremony as an opportunity to recognize students that had successfully passed their rank tests last November.

Members of Akido of Hilo

Members of Akido of Hilo

Since 1980, Aikido of Hilo has been teaching Aikido under the guidance of Chief Instructor Barbara Klein and her husband Robert Klein. Both Kleins hold sixth degree black belts and have been training in Aikido for over 40 years.

The philosophy of Aikido teaches that budo (the martial way) should concentrate not on harming others, but on protecting them. “Rather than harming another and causing resentment, we are taught to neutralize physical and mental aggression avoiding injury to ourselves and the attacker,” said Barbara Klein.

Klein went on to say, “Aikido is an effective self-defense and a path of development, integrating the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually; fostering greater self-confidence, enhanced awareness, stress reduction, mental relaxation, enhanced interpersonal relational skills, greater respect for others and a harmonious attitude. Physically, it develops strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, balance, coordination, and muscular relaxation. Through aikido training, the practitioner becomes a more integrated individual, with improved abilities to function within and contribute to their local community and the world at large.”

Aikido of Hilo offers classes for all levels and ages six years old and older at its dojo located at 29 Shipman Street in Hilo and at the Green Church Studio in Waimea. For more information call Barbara at 935-2454.