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    February 2019
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Hawaii House Finance Budgets $12 Million to Assist with Kaua’i Flood Damages

Following several days of heavy rains, flooding and sewage spills on the island of Kaua’i, the House Finance Committee today set aside $12 million for the state to repair and rebuild harbors, highways, and restore public lands that were damaged by the storms.

Governor Abercrombie declared an emergency for Kaua’i and Oahu yesterday.  The budget appropriation is essentially a placeholder to prepare for funding requests once a damage assessment is completed.  At this time, the $12 million includes $5 million for public highways, $5 million for state harbors, and $2 million for state land and natural resources.

“Chair Marcus Oshiro and the House Finance committee responded immediately to the heavy damage that our island took during the recent storms,” said Rep. Derek Kawakami (District 14 –   Hanalei, Princeville, Kilauea, Anahola, Kapaa, Wailua).

“We have been working closely with Senator Ronald Kouchi (District 7-Kaua’i, Ni’ihau) and Mayor Bernard Carvalho (County of Kaua’i) to help repair the damage and bring some normalcy back to our island,” Rep. James Tokioka said, “and we are grateful to House Speaker Calvin Say, the House Leadership team and our Finance colleagues for their support.”  Rep. James Kunane Tokioka (District 15- Lihue, Koloa) and Rep. Dee Morikawa (District 16 – Niihau, Lehua, Koloa, Waimea) serve on the House Finance Committee with Rep. Kawakami.

“The amount of heartfelt concern echoed through the hallways of the State Capitol and in the Finance Committee conference room, as fellow colleagues from across the state expressed their care and concern for the well-being and safety of the Kauai community,” added Rep. Kawakami.

Pictures and Video of Kauai Flooding – Why Do Folks Cross Bridges that are Flooded Over?

Kauai is getting hit hard with rain… pictures and videos are starting surface of some of the flooding that is going on.

This photo was posted on facebook by Brittney Rivera :

Hanalei, Kauai. is flooded. This is Hanalei on there way to crossing the bridge. The only way they transported people to the other side. Photo by Britney Rivera

Why do folks cross bridges that are flooded over and potentially weakened?  Yes, I know… to get to the other side.

This video clip was uploaded earlier by Gabrielle Morris:


Here is a picture uploaded to facebook by Mike Neal of a before and after shot of a valley on Kauai:

This is a youtube clip uploaded by a lady who was sent home from work because of the flooding: